When will we see Julius Jones first 100 yard game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I'm getting a little worried with Julius' low YPC average but I know defenses didn't have a clue who he was last year and they've keyed in on him more than his rookie campaign. He also had to go against that tough Washington defense and then play in the San Fran game which basically kicked him out in the second half since the Cowboys had to pass so much to catch up.

    He may have already techincally had a 100 yard game in San Diego if not for penalties, and I would pick Oakland as his first 100 yard game because their defense doesn't have the best numbers this year, but I thought Oakland did an admirable job stuffing the Pats run on the MNF game I watched, and I also have a sinking feeling that the Cowboys might be playing catchup all day long if Oakland watched that 49ers game.

    Philly is next and unless one of our backup corners can pick a fight with Jeremiah Trotter, so we can run for 200 yards like Atlanta did instead of the roughly 40 yards the other team are gaining, I don't see Julius gaining 100 yards there either.

    So realistically, I'm going for the sixth game, against the New York Giants. I hope I'm wrong, I hope it's next week. It would be disappointing to see Julius go that long without 100 yards. But I also think he'll run three straight 100 yard games starting with that Giants games. A reunion against Seattle, and a thrashing against Arizona. I don't know about you folks, but I'm ready to annoint him the next Tony Oorsett, Emmitt Smith, Calvin Hill, etc... It's only a matter of time before Julius starts saying, "Cadillac who??" :p:
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    I think we see his first 100 yd game next week against the Raiders....I hope. We will need to control the ball if we expect to win.
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    Depends. Are we gonna have a lead fb and run left most plays? If so, than next week.
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    Oaklands front too slow and old. HE will get it this week.
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    The better the passing game gets, the quicker and more 100 yard games Julius gets. The NFL has been put on notice that this Cowboy team does indeed have multiple weapons in the passing game. If defenses decide to blitz our QB at will, they run the risk of falling victim to the draw play or paying big time with a long pass play.

    Hopefully, we will see defenses drop back into coverage more than playing the run and with that, Julius should start racking up more yardage.
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    I agree with ya CBz.

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