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    Where is Tony now ?


    Since retiring in 1988, Dorsett, has had several successful business ventures.
    He is the president, owner and CEO of Touchdown Products, the official
    bottled water of the NFL Retired Players Association. Dorsett and former
    Houston Oilers great Earl Campbell have entered a business together in which
    they put paid telephones in Texas jails. Dorsett also has a Dallas sports bar with
    former Cowboys Eugene Lockhart, Everson Walls and Alfredo Roberts.
    He also has a new line of barbeque sauces and marinades named after him.
    The Tony Dorsett sauces and marinades, made and developed by New Jersey
    based sauce manufacturer Thomas Foods, Inc., will initially be sold in Wal-Mart
    stores across most of Texas and in parts of Louisiana.

    Today he does acting and public speaking. He has performed on television's
    "The Young and The Restless". He also has done numerous NFL commentary
    on various network sports programs. In addition he has appeared in two movies
    "Neccessary Roughness and Kill Zone". Dorsett has also co-wrote his own
    autobiography titled, "Running Tough" - memoirs of a football maverick.

    In his spare time he is putting his effort and resources into helping out his community.
    Dorsett has created a campaign called "No Time for Drugs", which is a program
    delveloped through D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). The program,
    which will celebrate the 20th anniversary of D.A.R.E Day on April 10, encourages
    athletes to give back to their local communities with their time, talents and donations.
    By allowing athletes to pinpoint exactly where their dollars go, D.A.R.E. gives athletes
    the power to have a positive impact on children in their hometown. Dorsett is not alone
    in his efforts. He has gotten several athletes -- including former Cowboys QB Troy
    Aikman, St. Louis Rams RB Marshall Faulk and Denver Broncos RB Terrell Davis,
    to be part of his "No Time for Drugs" campaign.​
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    If anybody is interested in this kind of thing, I highly suggest the book 'Where have all our Cowboys gone?' It's great stuff.

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    Parchy~ I didnt know the book existed..so thanks. Just kinda started researching it on my own looking for player interviews. And I've learned a lot along the way.
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    I did not know Tony and Earl worked together.

    Wow two of my favorite RBs of all time.

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