Where do you rank Tony Romo out of the 32 starting QBs in the league?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Lazyking, Oct 5, 2012.

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    There is NO WAY at all that VIck is better than Romo NONE... I truly believe Vick is the most overrated QB of all time... QB, Not athlete... Vick will not be the starting QB for PHilly by years end... He is insanely overrated as a QB ( not athlete )
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    Here's why Manning is better...

    Manningham leaves to go to SF... no problem, Ill just go to Hixon, or Nicks... oops, Nicks is hurt... well then just make a star out of some guy named Ramses Barden who had a great game two weeks ago..

    Barden hurt.. no problem, Ill bring in this cat named Reuben Randle, and get him a boatload of receptions..

    Now, are the Giants just the only team with good receivers, or is Eli able to make them great?
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    dude come on,, this is crazy..
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    Romo's numbers also blow Aikman's and Staubach's numbers out of the water; does that make him better than them? Being a great QB takes more than putting up big numbers.

    Romo has played with much better supporting casts than this year, on offenses that could run and put up points. Romo doesn't have to win a SB, but he does have to win. There have been QBs without a SB team around them who have been able to win.
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    Why wouldnt he be?.. The Steelers have a ****ty O line who are all hurt and havent been the same ina while... Ben extends alot plays and is huge and hard to bring down.. Yes, his defense is light years better than the Cowboys in seasons past, but the guy deserves alot of credit for the things that he is done.... YOu cant just dismiss someone because he has a better team.. Come on... Im one of Romo's biggest supporter, I love the guy... But I just think its unfair to take credit away from those other guys. In all honest its very close as to who is better, but im not saying you are saying this, but if your telling me its not even close than you be wrong... Its very close as to who is or isnt better
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    Also the Steelers Defense is NOT what it used to be.. They are getting old and they banged up
  7. gimmesix

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    Romo sure made Laurent Robinson look like a starting-caliber receiver last season.

    Romo sure made Kevin Ogletree look like one against your team.

    Both quarterbacks have made mediocre receivers look like stars at times, which can probably be said of most of the upper-tier quarterbacks.
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    I agree, Romo is THAT GOOD.. he made those players MUCH better than what they are
  9. TheFinisher

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    I still don't get why putting Romo as a fringe top 10 QB makes me a "hater" according to most fans on this site. Last time I checked, Romo at 13 still puts him comfortably in the top half of the league... and should be considered a "good" starter. That's how the rest of the league views him and outside of the few Cowboy fans that drink too much of the kool-aid, NO ONE calls Romo a top 5 QB.

    There are always excuses with Romo and the latest is that his OL is to blame. I don't know if those fans watch the other 31 teams in the NFL, but ALL QBs get pressured, hit and sacked throughout a football game. By the way they tell it, you'd think the Cowboys put together a HS JV line in front of him yet the OL ranks 7th in the NFL in sacks allowed... go figure.

    Excuses are for losers, either he gets it done or he doesn't... no one will care about excuses when his career is over. The guy is 32, has missed the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 seasons, and is leading the 31st ranked scoring offense in the NFL. He MUST stop having the meltdowns on the big stage for this team to take the next step.
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    Big Ben is definitely Top-5. If there's any debate then he's 5A and Eli is 5B or vice versa. The guy has a terrible OLine and he gets beat up just as much if not more than any other QB...it just doesn't look like it because he's a big guy and can absorb the hits
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    So is Quincy Carter better than Romo becuase he took the talentless team he had to the playoffs?

    C'mon man, the only thing you can stand on is stats. And unless you have a Magic Romo ball you can't sit here and expect anyone to take you seriously when you say "if Romo played for this team then he would have 2 SB..."

    We all know Romo Stats are pretty good. The X factor is his inability to avoid mistakes when he needs too. Look no further than the players who play against him on a regular basis. They all say the same things, good QB but can easily be forced into making mistakes.
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    What is that opinion based on? Both Eli and Big Ben have better career post season QBR's than Romo.
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    Also the way Eli is playing now has NOTHING to do with the succes of his defense.. Eli has become a much better QB... he is def ELITE and has become a star. He no longer has to rely on his D to save his ***.. Eli NOW can win games on his own.. he has earned the respect.. Again I hate to say it because I despise the Giants, but its silly now now not to accept.. Trust me I fought it for so long, but come on now..
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    And Romo has made it how many times? :laugh2:

    Uh, because Flacco benefits from the Ravens defense? :huh:

    The Falcons defense wasn't as good as the Ravens defense, and yet Vick carried a Falcons team to the NFC Championship.

    Yes, I do place a lot on quarterbacks who take their teams further than they should go.

    Vick has only been back in the league three years. And he had to shake off rust. Romo has been in the league longer compared, of course, to when Vick reentered the league.

    Besides, for the most part, Vick was a running quarterback for the first part of his career.

    You have your opinion. I have mine. It ain no biggy. I don't get all bent out of shape over opinions. When it's all said and done, they don't matter anyway.
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    Big Ben has been over 100 on qbr twice in his career and is there through five games this year. He's very underestimated.

    Phil Rivers has been over 100 3 times and been to a couple of AFC Championship games, but people here act like it's crazy to rate him ahead of Romo.
  16. JBond

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    Very fair. The top two may shuffle, but Romo is in my top seven.
  17. Tezz

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    I put Romo in the 7-10, but didn't include the newer QBs because I wanted to give it sometime. I will say this though if the NFL held a draft for all the QBs in the league and the number one pick was Andrew Luck I wouldn't be outraged... Luck makes you competitive right now and the future for many seasons.
  18. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    It's not an opinion dude it's a fact. Tony Romo is a much better football player than Mike Vick. The stats that I provided clearly show that. You can use the whole Vick is better because he has Super Bowls like you do with Eli even though that is another ridiculous argument because Vick himself has never won anything. Vick made it to one conference championship game so what? You act like he had a horrible supporting cast when he didn't. Certainly not like Romo last season.
  19. HappyOnions

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    First off, Romo is hovering around the 10-11 range as of right now. Second, I understand that Romo has put up some pretty stats, and he certainly has proven that he's a good QB and can make some plays. But the fact is, Ben and Eli play their best football when the stakes are the highest. If you want to make the case that "Romo is better because of his numbers" then fine, but putting up good numbers is nowhere near as valuable as playing your best football when it matters the most; something Tony has clearly shown he cannot do. Eli and Ben have made clutch play after clutch play and each has 2 Super Bowl rings to show for it.

    Also, it's not like Romo hasn't had talent throughout his career. He's had a lot of good players to work with: T.O., Jason Witten, Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Marion Barber, DeMarco Murray, Felix Jones, Martelleus Bennett (which as you can see, is playing better with a BETTER QB), Patrick Crayton, etc. The defense hasn't been full of slouches either.

    You want to keep saying that Eli has had a far superior supporting cast, but in each of Eli's two Super Bowl winning seasons, his team has gone 10-6 and 9-7 respectively. The same Giants that won the Super Bowl last year, lost to the Redskins TWICE. In no way, shape, or form are the Giants vastly superior to Dallas EXCEPT when it comes to quarterback play. Eli Manning gets the job done when the most is at stake.
  20. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    I'm sorry, but I cannot take your opinion seriously if you don't think Tony Romo is a top 10 quarterback. Your assertion that Romo isn't clutch is ridiculous. The man has had several fourth quarter comebacks in his career. Last year he gave the Cowboys a lead in the fourth quarter several times most notably against they Giants and the defense choked it away. Once again in the month of December Romo had 10 touchdown passes and just one interception.

    Those are terrific numbers for a guy who supposedly isn't clutch. If your gonna deny Eli has had a superior supporting cast than there's no point in debating with you further since you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. The guy has had a solid not great, but solid and steady offensive line that can actually give him time to throw. Romo hasn't. His recievers while maybe not as talented as Romo's have clearly been more reliable and consistent than the Cowboys recievers.

    The defense for the Giants has been terrific for years. They have had the best defensive line/pass rush in football for several years. Sure they may have not that great from a statistical stand point in the regular season, but they completely turned it around in the playoffs. They only allowed 20 points, 17 points, and 2 points respectively. The Cowboys defense was awful in the fourth quarter of games. Simply unreliable and inconsistent. Secondary was terrible and got not pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. They made scrubs like Rex Grossman look like an elite quarterback. This season the secondary is improved, but the defensive line is still mediocre at best. Still no one outside of DeMarcus Ware can apply pressure on a consistent basis.

    Bottom line saying Tony is too blame for last year's ending is ridiculous.

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