Where does Tony Romo rank all time?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cmoney23, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Ok....really.....what ever.....Im done....
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    Can't believe that with 10x the pressure each snap to drive his team down for the score when the pressure didn't bother him as QB, there are people that would think he got scared and folded on a hold for a special teams snap.

    They got down to the 1foot line, and you know he and the offense were upset the didn't give Witten the 1st down there. The starting QB had no business holding right there and for sure his mind was not perfectly where it should be for that wet snap.

    There's no way that was some wilt under pressure thing.
    I always found it mind boggling that some would think that.
    Plus, that was 8 years ago anyway.
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    I understand that opinion but you kind of have to go on past history.
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    What you're not getting is that it isn't any easier for tight ends to get into the Pro Bowl now than it was before.
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    What you're not getting is that several TE's make the pro bowl every year as do several players at each position. Each position has at least 4 players that make the pro bowl except for FB's. If you hadn't realized selecting players for the HOF is a lot different. Very few TE's have been elected to the HOF. You could go years without seeing a TE voted in. We just saw the first punter ever get voted into the HOF. When players are eligible for the HOF they're not just being scrutinized amongst past players at their position they're being scrutinized amongst several players who played different positions.
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    So, in your mind, Romo botched the most important hold of his life and it was just a coincidence and it was 8 years ago so who cares? And you try to redirect blame to the coach for having romo hold in that situation. Sounds very biased in romo's favor but Ok, maybe I could go for that if he didnt continue the trend over his entire career.

    Here's some examples..
    Oct 2, 2011 at home against Detroit. Dallas up 24 in the 4th. Romo then throws 2 picks both returned for TD's. And then he threw another that paved the way for Detroit GW TD.

    Sep 11, 2011 on the road against the jets. This is just 3 weeks prior to that Detroit collapse I just outlined for you. Cowboys up 14 in the 4th. Tony fumbles the ball near the goal line and threw a late interception that led to NYJ GW FG.

    Sep 20, 2009 home opener 1.15 billion stadium. Largest crowd to ever watch a regular season game. Romo throws 3 picks and posts 29.6 passer rating.

    Dec 30, 2012 A Dallas win against the redskins would put them in the playoffs. He was very bad. Three picks put Dallas too far behind.

    2008 playoffs against NYG. For the first time in 20 years the 1 seed was beaten in the divisional round. Let me guess, coincidence? Is it also a coincidence he skipped out to cabo with Jessica Simpson a week prior.

    Dec 16 2007
    Jessica Simpson in attendance. Career low 22.2 QB RATING.

    Dec 28 2008 against Philly. He threw a pick, fumbled twice and never found the end zone. No playoffs.

    Dec 7 2008.. See the December trend? Deshea Townsend GW pick 6 off romo.

    You can add Green Bay and Denver to this. It's every year.
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    No where near the top, compared to the greatest. He is no Dan Marino without a ring. He is Brett Favre without a ring.
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    Jessica Simpson attendance QB rating?

    Ok, I'll call it a night on that one.

    Romo has 108 starts and you pull a handful of games...some extremely far-fetched examples...and say its a common occurrence.

    Forget the game-winning drives, and all the other heroics. You even invoke a QB rating to one of the few QBs in NFL history to never have a year under a 90 rating.

    So many gaping flaws here. But it's an old tired argument both ways. When things like Jessica Simpson and the Denver game get invoked, you know this is a flat earth-type up winnable argument.

    Cabo? Unbelievable.

    I'm surprised at you...really, really disappointed.

    We can just agree to disagree.

    Go Cowboys
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    I don't see all these Eli lovers on this board that I keep hearing about. There are some fans that respect Eli for leading his team to two Super Bowl rings, but that is as far as it goes. As for myself, I am a big fan of Ole Miss and the Manning family. Here in Mississippi, they are a very respected and much liked family. Eli and his father buys and passes out Christmas presents at the children's hospital every year and they help the families of the children with cancer. The whole family shows class in about everything they do. I am a fan for those reasons, but I don't see the love from the rest of these posters.
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    I can see some of the present day starters riding the pine behind some of the QBs from years ago . It is a good debate in certain cases.
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    He goes to 11
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    9 years. And you find 8 games.

    By simple math alone that's 8 1/2 good years and 1/2 a year bad.

    Denver? You give the D a pass just to blame romo.

    Do you understand football or espn?
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    At least a new twist
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    I'm not a Romo hater, but I don't think it would be too hard to list 23 better QBs than him, even at the top of my head...

    I'm not basing this list purely on simple stats OR rings, but a combination of both and having watched some of them play.

    In no particular order:

    1. Brady
    2. Montana
    3. Staubach
    4. Favre
    5. Tarkenton
    6. Steve Young
    7. Peyton
    8. Brees
    9. Aaron Rodgers
    10. Jim Kelly
    11. Dan Marino
    12. Big Ben
    13. Kurt Warner
    14. Aikman
    15. Johnny Unitas
    16. Elway
    17. Joe Flacco (Yeah I said it)
    18. Donovan McNabb (Yeah I said it, too)
    19. Terry Bradshaw
    20. Ken Stabler
    21. Rich Gannon
    22. Warren Moon
    23. Dan Fouts

    I left Eli off this list, not because I don't think he's better (I do) but just to make a point that even with his two rings, he still isn't viewed to be in the upper echelon of QBs, and the general consensus is that Eli is better than Romo...so where does that place Romo?

    You could also make a case for guys like: Rivers, Everett, Danny White, Joe Namath, Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Drew Bledsoe, Bob Griese, Steve McNair, Matt Ryan, Testaverde, among others.
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    I think that is really the point.
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    I like Romo but it is what it is.....9 years and only 1 playoff win......they don't remember what you do right 99% of the time ......but people can't forget the 1% you screwed up.....Romo screw ups are what he is known for.....they were big and in big time... prime time games.
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    Oh, the E-Lie Lovers Club is real.. There have been volumes that could fill a library written about how much better E-Lie is than Romo - volumes written on this board. They may have been quiet for a while, especially since their boy led the NFL in INT's last year and looked horrible, but they are there. Any chance they get to bash Romo and praise E-Lie gets them giddy.

    Glad to hear that the Mannings do a lot for some of the less fortunate people in the community. My personal view is that people that are blessed with resources SHOULD be helping less fortunate people. Its why the Lord blesses them, so they can be a blessing to others. Sadly, not enough pass on the blessings, but its good to hear that about the Mannings. Thanks for sharing that.
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    Wait a minute..

    Where is RGIII in this?

    Isn't he the greatest QB to ever play?

    According to him and his sponsors he is..?

    And how many more losses in NFC Championships does Kapernick have to lose before he gets labeled LOSER.. huh

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    Well according to some, the ones i crossed off can't be here because they didn't win a superbowl.

    And He is just plan better than the ones i put in red on your list!! You should be kicked just for putting Flacco and McNabb on there!
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    OK, here's the entire list of skill position players with at least 9 Pro Bowl selections and 2 first team All Pro selections who are not in the HOF:

    Gonzalez, Manning, Favre, Brady, Witten.

    Witten won't get in on the first ballot like those other four, but he will get in.

    Any eligible TE with >6 Pro Bowls is already in the HOF.

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