Which 1st round draft pick will you be most disappointed with?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Apr 28, 2006.

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    A receiver, probably Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes.... A lot of folks seem pissed that Jerry & Bill would even consider this with TO, Terry & Crayton set to start. Even though TO and Terry are both getting near the end of their careers and Crayton hasn't been consistent enough to prove anything, folks think receiver shouldn't be looked at yet.

    A quarterback, probably Jay Cutler... I'd be happy with a late first round QB if it's someone like Jay Cutler, but it means Henson or Romo gets cut, and they have their fans.

    An offensive tackle, probably Winston Justice or Eric Winston... the most realistic offensive lineman to go to us

    A cornerback.... a lot of good cornerbacks available at #18 but some people think we have bigger holes elsewhere

    S/CB Jason Allen.... with injury problems, some want to stay far away from him

    A running back... We already have Julius, Marion, and Tyson, but Bill & Jerry have been looking at some top talent RBs.

    Bobby Carpenter.... For the Lawson/Wimbley supporters.

    Manny Lawson.... For the Carpenter/Wimbley supporters.

    Kamerion Wimbley.... For the Carpenter/Lawson supporters.

    Anyone we have to trade up for and give away draft picks?
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    FIRST OF ALL I HAVE TO SAY, That sig is beautiful, it's like music to my ears...

    But overall I would be dissapointed with the first round drafting of Winston Justic... I would even be dissapointed if the Cowboys suprisinly traded up to get D'Brickashaw Fergurson... Just not feeling Offensive lineman getting drafted in the first round by the Cowboys.

    We been having our success in the second to later rounds...
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    Jason Allen. You can't tell me he's a better FS prospect than guys like Ed Reed that went later.

    I swear, these guys run a quick 40 time and all of a sudden they're all-world. I would take him in the 2nd, but not at #18.
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    I wanted to vote for at least five of the choices. :laugh2:

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