Which Dallas draft pick has the highest chance of being a bust?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. tupperware

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    Uh, you may want to read the first post again. It was asked who we think has the highest chance of being a bust down the road.
  2. 5Stars

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    And you have seen everything Escobar has done already or has to offer? smh
  3. KJJ

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    Ogletree was the 3rd receiver last season and was released because he wasn't productive enough. The Cowboys were looking for an upgrade at that spot. I'm not saying Williams won't eventually develop into Austin's replacement but if the Cowboys were looking to replace him they would have been looking higher than the 3rd round. From what I've seen in preseason Williams has a long way to go replacing Austin. It's not even a given he'll be the 3rd receiver. So far he hasn't done anything in preseason.
  4. bpfred

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    Williams hasn't done much in the preseason, so he could flop. He has gotten separation, maybe for the wrong reasons, but still there is cause for some optimism.

    Escobar may turn out to be player, but to me, he looks more like a sixth round project than a second round pick. He is slow and can't block. IMO John Phillips looked better during his rookie preseason than Escobar has. Personally, I'm not all that optimistic about any of the (probable) backup tight ends--why go with tight ends if they can't block any better than these guys. You'd be better off using additional receivers.

    OTOH, I really like what I've seen of Wilcox. IMO, in two years he may turn out to be the best rookie of the bunch. FWIW, I like Holloman a lot too.
  5. The Quest for Six

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    Easy, it's Escobar, needs to put on twenty pounds and get in the weight room, not even close to being strong enough to play in the league and with the Cowboys history of failed second round tight end selection recently, there's a good chance Escobar being the bust from this draft
  6. Nunez21

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    Not a replacement. I believe he was drafted so they could use Austin in the slot.
  7. Vanilla2

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    Straight bust.

    (I know he's not a draft pick)
  8. TwoDeep3

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    Define bust.
  9. Bigdog24

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    I really like this draft class it could prove to be one of Jerry's better drafts. Wilcox and Hollowman are my favorite then I am not seeing any results with TWILL or Escobar. Doubt they will be with the team 3 years from now. I hope I am wrong tho....
  10. TwoDeep3

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    Little Alex, my oldest and dearest friend on thios site. Are you telling me the guy doesn't even get an off season before you are ragging on him.

    I think a troop of girl scouts could beat his butt. Let him lift some weights and get real pro training on blocking before we dismiss this guy.
  11. big dog cowboy

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  12. 17yearsandcounting

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    It is easily Escobar. How on Earth can a guy that has been in a college weight program for 3 years only do 12 reps? I
  13. FiveRings

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    If someone is going to replace Miles on this roster, it'll probably be Harris. T-Will is here to replace Laurent Robinson lol
  14. Idgit

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    Both those guys had decent NFL careers, given where they were drafted actually. And in Fasano's case, we recouped a pick, though it was a significant discount. I don't consider either 'busts.'

    To the OP, the answer is Escobar, I think. But I still like what he's shown so far. I don't think his selection will end up having been a waste.
  15. Fredd

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    I am glad someone said it , I see them all doing well

    I swear, some people want to invent things to complain about this team...the OP wants us to throw our prognostication skills out there and pick who will be the biggest flop? First define flop? If Holloman doesn't pan out, is he a flop or a chance we took that didn't work? any answer to this question is a no-win scenario....the kobayashi maru (all of you Star Trek nerds should know this)....the no-win scenario, but, young Jim Kirk found a way to beat it. So do I, I say, none flop and all are successful to some degree
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  16. RastaRocket

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    He's too late of a pick to ever be a bust in my opinion.
  17. Jammer

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    I don't see it as complaining. I see it as an interesting topic of who do we think will not make it for the Cowboys. I'm hoping they all make the Cowboys and they make the team better.
  18. Gameover

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  19. KJJ

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    In football terms it means they were a flop or simply didn't live up to their draft status. The higher a player is drafted the higher the expectations.
  20. Everlastingxxx

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    Escobar has shown very little thus far. He needs an offseason of serious weight training. Calling him a bust is premature. Some of you may know about that embarrassment. He appears to have good hands and has some unique physical traits like his height and long arms. He needs time to develop. 2 or 3 seasons. I like his potential better than Bennett because that guy had a brain full of marbles and Gavin seems to be a down to earth kid, humble enough to listen and learn (see the Romo on-field lashing). Fasano was a decent player but we wasn’t gifted with any special abilities.

    I am a huge fan of Williams. I think the kid can play but he might end up getting frustrated because he is behind a lot of other weapons. Webb doesn’t impress me but the kid does make plays. Fredrick has been excellent. I don’t know, i hope all these guys can be decent contributors.

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