Which (If any) member of the Triplets was overrated?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HappyOnions, Mar 31, 2014.

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    It's because of our triplets that teams have been trying to use this model. I can recall Madden using this phrase quite often any time a team had three offensive weapons of the same positions like the Cowboys of the 90's. In my opinion none of them are overrated because each player made the other great. Examples that Madden and others have used in comparison:
    Peyton, Harrison,James
    Ryan, Turner, White
    Schaub, Foster, Johnson
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    I see that he statistically was among the leaders for that category for about 5 years. I also see that he threw the ball less than most of the other qbs and had a dominant running game, great OL and great weapons. It should be higher...and more dominant.
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    So you dont think the OL in those years was a great OL ? Our DL wasnt the heart of our defense ?
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    Pretty sure threads like this are why most NFL fans don't like us. While most teams are looking around free agency and gearing up for the draft, we're polishing our Super Bowl rings. We're America's Team, dontcha' know?
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    Pretty sure threads like these are the last thing on people's minds. Steelers and Niners fans bring up their past rings just as much, if not more than Cowboys fans. It doesn't matter how the fanbase acts, how the players conduct themselves, or how the team performs.

    The rest of the league is going to hate us regardless of what we or the teams does.
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    My point is that he was successful before he got here, and continued to be successful after he got here.

    Ironic you sarcastically call me "Cpt Intelligence".
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    By throwing the ball less, it means that each incompletion is a larger hit to his completion percentage than QB's who throw more often.
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    I read that somewhere.
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    I don't have much to add to this conversation other than to say that rarely is a HOF player overrated. They all have a bust in Canton.
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    That's the finest argument I've heard. I'd still put my money on Emmit if I were on draft day and had to choose one or the other. However, that is a damn good argument. We just can't know what Aikman could have done in a pass heavy offense because he never had to do it.
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    Aikman had some of the weirdest stat line like 10-16 181 3 TDs. As much as I like Romo the only way he has 181 yards if he has 12-36 181 3 TDs 2 INts. Aikman could put the ball in there if needed the thing was we hardly needed it. Also there were stretches in games where the ball would never touch the turf, deep throws short throws, across the middle. He was damn tough to a detriment. He hung int he pocket to the last possible second to deliver strikes if he hadn't I am sure he could have played a couple of years longer but I do not think we get 3 SBs.
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    Agreed! Football is a team sport. It is for each player to perform in his particular area at a high level. These three men were at the top of their profession. They were great individually and as a team. What a question!
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    Wasn't it you who sarcastically called someone Cpt. Intelligence? An insult.

    This is a message board for Cowboys fans. Any fan that would talk down about a player that was the face of the franchise for years
    is a self absorbed blowhard.

    some of Aikman credits:

    1st overall draft pick
    Super Bowl MVP
    multiple Pro Bowls
    3-time Super Bowl champion
    90 victories in the 90's
    1st ballot Hall of Famer

    For you to come in here with a one-liner about a 1st ballot HOF'er benefiting from everyone around him. You were just
    asking for it. Yet you consider Ken Norton, Jr. a great Cowboy (really!?!), a man who defected to the 49ers. And you credit
    the OL moreso than Emmitt Smith. Well, I don't remember Derrick Lassic or Sherman Williams doing so great behind that line.
    I'd credit Daryl Johnston ahead of the OL when speaking of Emmitt.

    My "daddy" taught me just fine.

    Respect is earned and taken away. Not given. You make a smug remark about a player that obviously most fans, knowledgable fans,
    felt was a major piece of 3 Super Bowl victories, you're going to piss some people off. Which is initially what you asked for. You gave
    no dialogue as to why you felt that way.

    We are both sitting in front of a monitor. So don't pretend you know me or how how act. Just sayin'.
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    How dare you ask this!
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    aikman couldnt win without emmitt...emmitt won without aikman.

    aikman is easily overrated. He had a STAR QB and a ridiculous good WR and still posted up terrible numbers.

    Troy is ranked 42nd all time with a 81.6 qb rating.

    That is simply turrible. The run game makes your passing game better. Can you imagine what he would have done without emmitt? Probably been labeled a bust.
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    Huh? They're considered all-time greats. Each one is in the Hall of Fame.
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    Irvin talks about it on America's Game, I think.
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    The near comeback against the Niners in the 94-95 NFC Championship Game shows us what he could do.
    Aikman was deadly accurate. And he had a cannon. I have no doubt (even though it's not something I could prove) that Aikman would have put up Young-like numbers if he were in the Niners offense. But he wouldn't have won as many championships. I don't care what the stats say. Running the ball is the way you win Super Bowls. Running and tough defense.
    The Cowboys whipped the Niners behinds because they played smash-mouth football. Add in the deadly accuracy of Aikman-to-Irvin or Aikman-to-Novacek, and you had an unbeatable team (yes, I'm including the defense).

    Aikman is what Romo should be, or what Jerry Jones should have made Romo. Bill Parcells gave him the blueprint and Jerry rewrote it and screwed up the Cowboys and Romo's potential as a Super Bowl quarterback. :(
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    So Peterson is only good because someone hands him the ball.
    Manning is only good because his receivers catch the ball.
    yadda yadda yadda

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