Which (If any) member of the Triplets was overrated?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by HappyOnions, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Agreed. Sad Romo has been a wasted player. I guess I'll cross my fingers like every year and hope it changes.
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    LOL this is blasphemous IMO. You can't "make" Romo into something he's not Romo. You can't also ignore that Aikman had one of the best supporting casts of any player of all time. It was just perfect. I don't discredit Aikman for that because the same can be said for Emmitt and Irvin. Emmitt had a great quarterback and a great receiver around him and a great line. Irvin had a great quarterback, great running back and great offensive line. Larry Allen played next to one of the best offensive lines in football. Aikman could've racked up more stats but due to how stacked his team was in a non-salary cap era of football.......he got a advantage as did most HOF qb's. But these new breed of qb's got to play in a league where the rules favored them and their receivers so then there's that.
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    You can shape him in his earlier years. Same as shaping a kid. It's harder when you try to reach a kid when he's an adult. We all have a natural "bent," but that "bent" can be channelled in the right direction. Parcells tried to do that. He had a strong enough personality to put the wraps on a young and developing Romo. But after the strong parent left, the complaint parents (Jerry, Wade, Garrett) came in and let Romo do what he wanted to do. Now Romo's all grown up and nobody can "rein" him in. It's too late.
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    Rein him in? We need to turn him loose! Last year's dinking and dunking made Parcells look like Air Coryell by comparison.
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    DUCK! here they come
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    The people who underrate Aikman never never saw him play. He was very accurate, he use to drop dimes to Irvin all the time. But those guys did practice together alot in their off time.
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    Romo had 31 TD's and 10 Int's last year. Hard to complain much about Romo. His problem has been in the clutch at times or in the last games of December. This is not some "mental" thing with him. Romo is a far better player now than he was when Parcells was here.

    Exactly. He had 31 TD's and 10 int's with a bad back. If anything I wish he would've been more aggressive. Last year is how Parcells would've wanted him. Not a fan. Though I think his injury had more to do with the way he was playing......
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    It depends. Aikman is often overrated (sometimes wildly so) by many older Cowboys fans, but not overrated by most who aren't. I think it could be argued that Emmit and Irvin are often underrated.
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    Actually, all three were overrated.

    As was pretty much every great player on every great team in NFL history.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    After seeing years of threads like this, I really think the ones who underrate him are younger fans who only remember his later years after all the injuries when he wasn't that good. If that's all you remember, and if you only looked at his numbers, then yeah, you'd probably think he wasn't that special.

    Someone above even said the Garrett Thanksgiving Day win made them wonder if those teams could have done the same things with an average QB. Well, I remember the first time I went to training camp and saw them running drills up close. The difference between the two was incredible. Aikman was just jaw-droppingly good, with unbelievable velocity and pinpoint accuracy. Garrett in contrast floated the ball and still wasn't nearly as accurate. DBs had no chance on the reps Aikman ran, while they almost always made a play on the balls Garrett threw. Garrett truly looked like a high school QB compared to Aikman. It was literally like the difference between Larry Allen and David Arkin.

    And that's not even considering the Aikman's incredibly demanding attitude of himself and everyone else. If he threw a pass that was excellent and an easy catch for the WR but that was a foot off from exactly where he wanted it, he was scowling and cursing himself. He'd also yell at the WRs if their routes weren't letter perfect, and he had the command to do so with authority. Of course Garrett never said anything, he just stepped in and did his reps. All anyone talks about on those teams is Irvin's leadership, but after seeing those practices, I think Aikman's demand for perfection was underrated.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I think it's more of people just wanting to discredit a player because that's just the type of person they are. Especially on here.
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    Michael said Troy pretty much always put the ball right in his hands. They made each other great.
  13. CowboyGil

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    Emmitt returning to that Giants game with a seperated shoulder and the division on the line in a tight game tells me otherwise.
  14. CowboyGil

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    The Cowboys starting the '94 season 0-2 without Emmitt and Charles Haley pretty much threatening JJ to get him signed or else says a lot to me about who was the MOST important of the 3.
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    Do you know that Aikman and others played in entire games with a separated shoulder more severe than the grade given to Emmitt's? That is not to downgrade an ounce what Emmitt did, it is just to say it wasn't entirely unique to him. I love Emmitt but he didn't always have the highest pain tolerance, at least in the way he displayed it on the field. Give him credit though, he played through it.
  16. rcaldw

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    No it doesn't. It says that that team wanted to be full strength, not hampered, in their desire to win another Super Bowl. If you remember, Emmitt's backup was a rookie named Derrick Lassic. That's right.... Derrick Lassic. A 4th round pick, 94th overall, in the 1993 draft.
  17. rcaldw

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    Emmitt's was a 1st degree (mild) separation. Aikman played most of the season with the same separation, on his left shoulder.

  18. CowboyGil

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    I said it says alot to ME. Obviously to YOU it dosen't. Troy was there, Michael was there, The OL was there, The DL was there, yet ONE guy is missing for two games and they lose both. Hmmm. But I guess you would know better since you were in the lockerroom and knew EXACTLY why they wanted Emmitt back. I can't believe I'm having to defend ANY of the Triplets on a Cowboys fanboard.
  19. rcaldw

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    You aren't defending one, you are exalting one above the other two. And in 1990, Emmitt was there, Irvin was there, the OL was there, the same defense they had been playing with was there, and yet ONE GUY, Aikman, went down and they lost the last two. What does that say to YOU?
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    Wow....I bet you never saw him playing.

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