Which (L) Game derailed Dallas's 2013 season?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dstovall5, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Redball Express

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    I strongly feel it was Denver.

    The fact the team played that team so closely..

    I think gave many a false sense the Cowboys were for real.

    We s9n learned again..

    they weren't.

    So I think it set false expectations for the players, coaches and media.

    That was a critical mistake in this season.
  2. HappyOnions

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    Yes... Tony Romo barely beat a far inferior team. Good for him. Romo Romo'd away more games this season than he won.
  3. Szczepanik

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    I won't say the DET was the worst because it was a relatively close game.

    The Green Bay lead getting wasted, and failing to utilize the run game when Murray was doing well was indicative of the coaching staff. That moment ensured me we wouldn't do anything well to get into the post season.
  4. Idgit

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    If that DEN game didn't make the point that we need to defend the pass better, still, I don't know what will. Playing closely doesn't matter if you can't stop them when they're throwing for the wins.
  5. logan

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    Detroit, I think. That was the game that showed everyone these were the same old mentally weak Cowboys. The Green Bay game ended up being irrelevant. Even if we had won we still would have needed to beat the Eagles to win the division.
  6. percyhoward

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    The Denver loss was a heartbreaker, because it showed us we weren't going anywhere with that defense. It was Romo's second loss with 300+ yards, 4+ TD, and a 140 rating, which is unreal.

    A QB has put up those numbers in a game 83 times since 1960. Romo is 1-2, and everyone else is 80-0.
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  7. Next Years Champ

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    oh no doubt.

    Thats where we really knew the future.

    Many, including me..

    thought Dallas had a clue despite the injuries and the defensive breakdowns.

    But Hatcher was already losing some steam..

    Selvie had sort of popped his bubble after his great start..

    ..and the Posse that was the rest of the DL and Lber/safeties were just overwhelmed.
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  8. StarBoyz83

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    Detroit was the most obvious for sure. But you could tell after the first 2 games we were pretty much the same team. Except maybe thinking that we'd have a half decent defense after the fluke in week 1.
  9. theSHOW

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    It was the 1st 2 games. We had a huge lead on New York and let them back into the game and held on for a close win at home. Then game 2 vs KC on the road we failed to establish the run. Good teams don't play this. They put teams away and control enough of the clock to help there own teams defense.
  10. SilverStarCowboy

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    Very agreeable, the Saints and the Bears were the eye openers for the talent or lack thereof and that doesn't bode well for next Season.
  11. Mr Cowboy

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    SD game showed me that an above average QB was all that was needed to shred this defense apart. I felt that we could hang in and beat teams with inferior QB play, but would have a hard time beating a real QB. I was right. We had pretty much a healthy defense when we played SD.

    The Detroit game was a heartbreaker, but not unexpected. I posted before the half in the game thread, that we needed to be scoring TDs and not FGs, and I got a responses telling me that I was just a negative poster who was never happy with the team scoring. Well guess what?
  12. Floaty

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    Can't believe the Saints game isn't getting more votes. That was the beatdown of all beatdowns!!!!! It exposed Jeff Heath as a fraud @ FS. It showed our coaching staff couldn't adjust on the run. They were content in just getting their heads kicked in. We couldn't stop the run.(Not enough talent up front) We couldn't stop the pass. (Passsive scheme)It was pathetic. And you knew from that point we were just gonna be over matched for the rest of the year because of injuries. That people...was the real back breaker!!!!
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  13. rynochop

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    Im with you on NO game. I actually had a little bit of confidence we could steal that game..what a trainwreck.
    I remember being lit pretty good for end of that det game, and even I saw that sneak coming..geez
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  14. CyberB0b

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    It's short-sided to think 1 game cost us the season.

    We converted from a 3-4 to a 4-3, but drafted no defensive linemen. We paid Spencer 10+ million, when guys like Osi, Freeney, Bennett, Avril, and others were signing for about half that. We hired a geriatric defensive coordinator, whose own son had to run him out of town because his defense was so terrible. We randomly changed offensive playcallers. We made the mistake of thinking Jay Ratliff would be a contributor. We made the mistake of thinking Sean Lee could last a whole season.

    We didn't get unlucky. We got beat before we even started preseason.
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  15. Beast_from_East

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    I guess you missed the part where I said "for the most part"..............that is synonymous with "mostly".........synonymous with "mainly"..........never said it was 100% exact.

    Reading comprehension my friend............don't be so quick to type a snarky response before reading and understanding what you are responding to.
  16. Idgit

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    Ah! My bad. You meant "exactly, for the most part the same." In that context, you're making perfect sense. For the most part.

    And by that I mean, exactly none at all.
  17. Hoofbite

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    I thought 2011 against Detroit would have satisfied that quota.

    What would take any normal coach 2 lifetimes to achieve has already been accomplished by Jason in just his 3 short years as head coach. He's so far ahead of the game it's laughable.
  18. RonSpringsdaman20

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    I don't know about derailed. I think our train traveled off track most of the season…
    but the chiefs game made me realize where we stood. And the SD game confirmed it.
  19. cajuncocoa

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    Detroit was the beginning of the end.
  20. Next Years Champ

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    hope springs eternal.


    nothing else matters in Dallas.

    The problem you have to avoid is to establish good defense while also not dropping your offensive aggression once the defense improves.

    That's a problem many teams can't blend well.

    They start to play for 24-20 type games scoring wise and thats not the way the league works anymore.

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