Which prospects the Cowboys are reportedly interested in

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by honyock, Jan 15, 2013.

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    I would be happy with either player; however, I agree, with the statements above about Cooper.

    Warmack has sufficient athletic ability now; however, any added weight and eventually age could easily slow him down to below average quickness, IMO.

    Cooper has elite quickness and his power is very good.

    College players tend to gain weight and strength in the NFL; however, they almost never get quicker.

    Cooper started 1 game at Center in college. If he projects as both a Center and Guard, that would make him more valuable than Warmack, IMO, unless Warmack can player Center also.

    IMO, Center is the 1 position that the Cowboys must get in this draft. Quality Centers just don't become available in Free Agency; whereas, good Guards often make it to FA.

    Having said that, even if they take Cooper and think that he can play Center, I would still try to get one of Barrett Jones, Travis Frederick or Khalad Holmes in the 2nd or 3rd.

    If both Warmack and Cooper are available at #18, they could consider trading down a few spots and risk that one of them would fall to that pick.
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    That's not necessarily true.

    Gurode and Leonard Davis were both big, powerful guys and even Montrae Holland could move just about anybody.

    What we haven't had is a guy who can do that AND get to the second level. But a lot of teams haven't, thats why LA is going to the HoF :laugh2:
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    Ah, Iupati, the one who got away.
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    Glad he did or we wouldnt have Dez.
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    this. i think its pretty rare that we draft players that played in texas so as much as i would like to see vacarro i think you can rule that out. our team tends to love players from OU,LSU, NC, small schools in illinios and florida schools.

    at least that's what i have noticed
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    I like Cooper's ability to move so well. I like Warmack a lot too.

    Honestly, with Callahan here, Cooper might very well be the best fit. However, I love Warmack's nastyness and power.

    Either one would make me happy though.
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    You may be right on that. In the OP I was operating from memory that I'd read it was the team that liked Cooper more. It very well could have been Broadus that said it. I can never underestimate my faulty memory.
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    Don't disagree at all.

    Cooper does seem to play with better fundamentals and leverage though. That might help him have a smaller learning curve, even if Warmack has a greater upside.

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