Who could have been a great coach here?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolfpack, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. cml750

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    Sean Lee would probably make a heck of a coach. Not sure about Aikman or Romo (but I believe either would be an upgrade to what we have now ;) ).

    Just picking with you the part in parenthesis. :p
  2. Chris in Arizona

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    With Jerry in the picture, Jim Harbaugh or Jon Gruden. Has to have enough clout to put Jerry in the corner.

    If Jerry wasn't a factor, I'd say David Shaw.
  3. Reverend Conehead

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    The radio announcers I was listening to talked about it. I listened to the game in Hawaii because it was satellite delayed there. I remember an announcer saying, "That's not a fumble. It's a forward pass" and the other guy agreeing with him. When I later watched the replay, sure enough, they were right. His arm was going forward when he was hit attempting to pass and the ball definitely went forward after the hit. That was a pass, but the refs got it wrong and there was no instant replay rule at the time to reverse the call. The refs also missed an interference call earlier in the game on Doug Cosbie in the end zone on third down. Instead of getting a fresh set of downs with first and goal, the Cowboys settled for a field goal. With four more downs, it's highly likely the Cowboys would have gotten 4 more points and the so-called "catch" would not have been enough to take the lead. I get sick of seeing that obnoxious play year after year and having these other parts of the game ignored. What's worse, whenever you see lists of controversial calls, you never see any of this mentioned.
  4. landroverking

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    Sean Payton
    Mike Dikta
    Dan Reeves.
  5. ConstantReboot

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    I've been harping on the refs for many decades now. It seems the the league is somehow anti-Dallas and they just can't stand them winning. Not saying there is some kind of fix going on with these refs. But there have been so many bad calls that went against us to change an outcome of an important game.
  6. Reverend Conehead

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    I don't think the refs deliberately conspired against us in that game. I just think they missed some crucial calls. It's such a fast game that no human being could possibly get all the calls right. In full speed that throw to Cosbie in the endzone probably looked just like good defense. And White's incomplete pass in full speed I'm sure looked like a fumble. However, on the replays you can clearly see those were cases of 1. pass interference and 2. an incomplete forward pass. There was no replay system back then to overturn calls. Even today's replay system would not catch the interference on Cosbie because that's not reviewable, but I have no doubt White's fumble would have been reversed.

    I don't think there's a bias against Dallas on the part of the refs, but I do think there's an anti-Dallas media bias. Neither of these calls ever makes any list of controversial calls in the history of the NFL. The "Haily Mary" play in the '75 Minnesota playoff game often makes the list, but that's a call that went our way, and the replay does not prove interference by either Drew Pearson or by Minnesota's Nate Wright. It simply was a highly improbable and very lucky catch that secured the win for us, but there was no foul on the play, nor should one have been called. You can watch the video on Youtube and see that I'm right. Yet, it somehow it comes up as "controversial."
  7. Hoofbite

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    Maybe Coach Ditka with some midget Cowboys?
  8. CowboyFan74

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    Bring back the thieves.... Dennis Thurman DB coach
  9. theranchsucks

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    I think the number 1 and 2 thing to be a head coach is a guy who is a motivator and gets the respect of his players and for those two reasons I would have loved to see Irvin as a head coach.
  10. GloryDaysRBack

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    Sean Payton is the easy answer

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