News: Who Cowboys might look at with roster spot Spencer on IR....signed CB Chris Greenwood

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 24, 2013.

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    The next move from the front office and coaches will most likely be to move Caesar Rayford[​IMG] from his defensive tackle spot back to his more natural position of defensive end. Rayford has been getting that work inside but his game is better suited to play on the edge, so that should be a nice fit. Edgar Jones[​IMG] has also seen work at end so he will get more work as well. The club could also choose to bring Jason Vega[​IMG] up off the practice squad to play end. Vega was signed very late in camp and made a push for a 53 man spot with some nice work against the Houston Texans in a preseason game.
    McClay and his staff might also choose to try and poach a player off another club’s practice squad. Some options might be Craig Roh with the Panthers, Xavier Proctor with the Lions and John Youboty with the Broncos. If they go this route, those players have to remain on their active roster for at least three weeks. The staff could also look toward a veteran free agent but they have proven that signing younger players and trying to work with them, tends to be a better option. Also don’t discount the possibility of a trade. This club has done a nice job of collecting late round picks that could also be used to move for players.
    With this injury to Anthony Spencer lasting the majority of the summer and now into the fall, this front office and coaching staff were prepared to handle it. This could have gone the other way and they could have been dealing with an injury that happened Sunday and from my experience, that is no fun. There are solid options and place and with the way this scouting department has been operating lately, they will have answers in place sooner rather than later which wasn’t always the case.
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    I could see them fill another position since they have five DEs without Spencer.
  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    Spenc costed Dallas BIG D...neros!!!....butt I like Youboty and I cannot lie.
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    Could sterling Moore be an option?
  5. boysfanindc

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    Think he is too small to play DE.
  6. Cowboys22

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    They don't need a DE. They have 5 currently on the roster.
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    I think it will be Sterling Moore. They can use another corner.
  8. Picksix

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    Nice. BTW, did you mean to spell "butt" with two t's there, or was that just a slip. Either way, it works.
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    Maybe a Corner/DE hybrid. :D
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    He might lack size at DE, but I bet he has a great first step.
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    You're so right. What was I thinking?;)
    I bet he could be the 5th corner though
  12. cowboyschmps3

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    I see that too.
  14. hutch1254

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    With the # of weapons the Broncos have at WR/TE I would think Moore would be the choice. I think the teams that can play man coverage and force Manning to hold the ball longer than he wants are the teams that will pose a problem for Denver. Manning is very regimented in his plays and getting the ball off. Where I think you can hurt him is force him to create, get him mobile, he doesn't create well in my opinion. He is very snap, set, throw, speed of the execution oriented. If you force him to break from that and create I think you can force mistakes. Moore would be my pick in the short term to help for that game alone.
  15. EPL0c0

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    a FB? Or does that just not fit the system they're trying to implement? Hillis? Conner?
  16. speedkilz88

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    I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed philosophy wise. I would like to know what happened with Conner. Just a few years ago everyone thought he was the next big thing at that position.
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    Actually Ray Lewis would totally disagree with you, Peyton will pick man coverage apart by finding the right matchup, only way to slow him down is more zone and a pass rush....two things we have shown we can do well recently.

    Man sounds good cause it will limit yardage more but Peyton will get his yards, what we need are turnovers from him which will happen when we mix in some zone.
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    OSI smerking saying & you didn't want me! 2yr $8.55 was a bargain, so keep Spence... 2sacks, 2FF, & 1int for a TD... not bad
  19. EGG

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    I'm kinda disappointed they haven't been able to move Wilbur, I cringe every time I see him out there instead of Ware....
  20. WoodysGirl

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    It's possible they could leave the spot open until Ratliff's return. We're talking three more weeks. If they can get by without Rat until then, I see no reason to make a move now and then make yet another move when Rat's ready to go.

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