Who gets cut for Tanney?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyz, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Eskimo

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    I don't think Rosario has looked very good at all thus far and would be fine with cutting him.

    I like Smith better but might be inclined to keep him on the 53.

    I think the spot he takes should be Philip Tanner's spot.

    The problem with Tanney to the PS is that QBs are highly valued in this league. Once there is footage out there showing a young QB who can play at this level some team will pounce on him should he hit the waiver wire. This is what happened to us with Matt Moore as a UDFA. He came here as an unheralded UDFA but had a good preseason and then got claimed by the Panthers when we tried to sneak him onto the PS. That was a mistake and it would be a mistake to assume we can get Tanney onto the PS.
  2. nake

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    Moore just signed a two year contract to backup Tannehill for the Dolphins. He's been in the league since 2007- since we tried to get him to the practice squad. I would argue he looks at least as good right now as Orton, and he has always been better than McGee. If the team finds a prospect, it can always dump the current backup for the prospect, or carry three QB's. I would say having a backup who isn't good enough to start is the rule, not the exception. At least Tanney might develop into a starter, not so for Orton. Like Moore, he's had his chances and has settled in as a backup.
  3. xwalker

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    Does he skin Cows in his spare time?
  4. RS12

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    I agree, I think there is a good chance he gets cut and makes the PS. He is on the old side for an NFL developmental QB, 25-26.
  5. Vanilla2

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    Practice squad guy.
  6. Questfor6

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    Orton won't be cut because they restructured his deal in the off-season, so he's guaranteed money already this season so need to ditch him. There won't be any teams lining up to claim Tanney off waivers like some think, he should make the practice and be able to grow as a player over the next year. A year as a PS QB could do wonders for him.
  7. Jarv

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    I hope so, there is something about this kid that catches my eye, of course my eyes aren't always that good because I felt the same about Henson.
  8. Nirvana

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    The risk is very high in waiving this kid, but the roster is jam full of kids we want to keep (Holloman, Webb, Randle, Beasley, Magee, Selvie, Escobar, Rosario/Smith, Wilcox, Johnson, etc.) and I think we roll the dice here to get him on the PS. May luck be on our side. I like this kid he may have the right ingredients for a starter here one day.
  9. davey999

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    Mistake to cut this guy, IMO.
  10. Nirvana

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    If he plays well in these next two games it will make the decision much easier. It's like he would become a draft pick at that point, someone you somehow stuff on your roster (like Webb.)
  11. AZ_Cowboys_Fan

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    Bingo! If you want Tanney you're not gonna get away with putting him on the PS after the way he played yesterday. If you really like him and feel he has potential then he needs to make the 53. I personally love the kid. He has some things you can't teach.... accuracy, arm strength and pocket presence. I really hope we keep him.
  12. AmberBeer

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    Good thing you guys who say cut Orton aren't the GM. Ever think about the scenario where it's the NFC Championship game and Romo goes down with a concussion and the Cowboys are up by a TD at the start of the 4th quarter? You'd still want Tanney over Orton?
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  13. CooterBrown

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    Garrett has usually kept three. McGee was the last cut last year. If Tanney plays that well next time he gets in there, he will be on the 53. I think they will only keep 3 running backs. The battle there is between Tanner and Randle.
  14. Tawney88

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    No one. The guy is practice squad material.
  15. Staubacher

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    I agree. We don't need 4 rbs. I like Tanner but he should go to PS. Also 4 TEs is enough. I'd go with 6 wrs to get Armstrong in there plus I'd put tanney on the 53.
  16. Reverend Conehead

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    Normally I would say keep him and develop him on the practice squad, but he's played well enough that I think another team will pooch him away. That makes me wonder what's the point of a practice squad if another team can just snag players away, but that's another issue. In this case I think Tanney has shown enough to be our 3rd QB. The team's gone with 3 QBs before. In fact Romo was a 3rd stringer at one point and he's worked out pretty well. I'm not anointing Tanney as the next Romo or the next Kurt Warner just yet, but I want the team to keep him. There's some chance he could develop into Romo's successor. Again, that's far from a certainty, but it's possible. He may develop into next year's number 2. That in itself is reason enough to keep him. I don't think the practice squad is enough. If we do that, I think he ends up elsewhere.
  17. reddyuta

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    i doubt we can put Tanner on the PS,he was active for a lot of games.
  18. KJJ

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    I wouldn't get too excited about Tanney he's playing mostly against backups and bubble players. He did absolutely nothing in the first 2 games completing under 40% of his passes. I'm not saying he doesn't have some potential but those who want to dump Orton in favor of him as the backup need to slam on the brakes.
  19. Romo2Dez4six

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    FYI I was saying that Tanney wouldn't make it to the practice squad lol.. Sounds like you took it as in the league ;)
  20. Redball Express

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    We'll agree here again.

    Orton can be released. He has no future here and I think the reps he's getting could be better used on Stephens, whom I also like and Tanney.

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