Who has kids that went through ROTC?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by JBond, Jan 11, 2013.

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    My son has decided he wants a military career. I believe my role as a parent is to support him and help him gather information so we can make good decisions. Any tips before we talk to the recruiters at KU?

    He is strongly considering the Navy. His dream is to be a SEAL. He has some understanding of challenges facing him to reach that goal. He wants a degree first. He is pragmatic enough to understand the value of a backup plan. Thus the interest in NROTC. He is a strong student and mentally sharp. He is in terrific physical condition. He runs 6 to 10 miles a day, is in the weight room every night and swims every other day.

    We have a visit scheduled next week to talk to the recruiters. Any advice would be welcome.
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    Did 4 years JROTC 12 years reserves and 2 Years College ROTC.

    ROTC is great if you want to do the Military he will go in as an officer they will help pay for school starting I think your Junior year unless you are getting a ROTC scholarship which is different. You owe them somewhere between 4-6 years been a long time and some of that has changed.

    Ask those questions what happens if two years in he hates it ?
    What he will owe in service ?
    What they cover; etc etc?
    He will have to go to camps in the summer find out what year in he starts that ?

    That is some of the Basic stuff and like I said not sure how much has changed from forever ago.

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    I think you should seriously consider your options here. Unless he is guaranteed a billet, he needs to be concerned. The Armed Forces are shrinking and they will continue to do so for the next few years. After that, who knows but I would keep an eye on this trend. There may not be a job for many youngsters in the near future, SF or otherwise.
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    I think that is more likely to effect individuals who sign up for full duty or whatever right after high school.

    It's my understanding that the ARMY prefers college educations, which is why those who have one when entering begin as an officer. I'd assume that ROTC, and the benefits of doing it, are not going anywhere.

    To the OP, I have a few close friends who did ROTC through college. Some hate it and others love it...your son needs to make absolutely sure that he wants a military career. If he does, then ROTC is a great choice.

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    This would be an incorrect assumption. I have just gone through this very same process. My youngest Son is a Sr. in ROTC. Trust me, it is not just enlisted. Acceptance in all of the Armed Services higher education establishments are going to be cut back, virtually every part of the military will be cut back.
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    ROTC beats him just signing up, which was his original plan. He was going to try to enter the SEAL mentorship program and then try to get the recommendation for BUDS. After a bit of discussion he understands the benefits that come with making it through ROTC getting a degree and entering as an officer.

    Trust me. I keep one eye on the news. I am aware of the pending slash and burn that is going to happen to our military over the next few years.

    He is firm in his resolve to try anyway. I am not thrilled with the current civilian or military leadership right now. It is what it is. My father is pushing for Army ROTC because he served for a long time and has close friends that have moved up the line of command and may be of some value after college/ROTC.

    Has your son enjoyed the ROTC program? Did he receive any scholarships?

    My kid is a strait laced good kid and a workout warrior, but he is not prepared mentally yet for full time active duty. I think ROTC will give him the best chance of him reaching his goals while giving him a little more time to grow as an individual.
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    PM Casmith he is an officer in the Army. He might be able to answer some of your questions.
  8. JBond

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    Thanks. I think I will do exactly that.

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    He did. His intent was to also join the service up until just very recently. My oldest Boy was in the Service until very recently. He has a buddy who is a recruiter so we have had a great deal of discussion on this. He has decided to go to school and attend University where he will continue to participate in ROTC and then, once he has completed this, he will revisit his plans to join the Military.

    I too think this is the best course of action for him. He is 17 and so he has a little growing up to do as well. If he continues on and does not get sidetracked, we are hopeful that military prospects might be better in a few years. If that is not the case, he will still have a degree to fall back on. Hopefully, one he can find gainful employment with.


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