Who is Bob Lilly? (Don't hurt me, please)

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Tass, May 8, 2006.

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    Great question and I've really enjoyed the majority of the answers. Unfortunately, some seemed to have read only your thread title and not your opening post, and may assume (incorrectly I believe) you are totally clueless about Bob Lilly. Others just enjoy being jerks-ignore 'em.

    Kudos to those who were nice enough to provide some great memories of "Mr. Cowboy". Much better than Google!
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    Exactly, I'm a youngin who knew Lilly only by name so I've enjoyed all of the stories. If I have a buddy who knew some information I wanted, I'd probably ask the buddy before going google. Even if I searched google afterwards I'd still ask. It means more coming from a friend then a website. And we're all friends here :D :grouphug:
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    There was a time or two when Bob took a hand-off....the other teams hand-off;)
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    Brain they were lighter but not necessarily shorter... not on the offensive and defensive lines.

    As a matter of fact defensive lineman have gotten shorter and heavier.

    Ernie Ladd was a 6'9 DT, Buck Buchannon was a 6'7" DT.
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    the greatest cowboy dlineman ever:star: you can't help you're young.
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    I love threads like this. I loved those old Cowboy teams. I cried when they lost. I still love the Cowboys but I don't cry when they lose anymore. I like the fact the young fans want to know about their teams history. We have a real special team and the history that those great players and coaches wrote makes it that way. The Dallas Cowboys - that means something all over the world, because of players like Bob Lilly and coaches like Tom Landry.
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    Bob Lily... :)

    I really wish I could remember the name and the team of the o-lineman that said paraphrased...he tried to hate Bob Lily but no matter what he did or how dirty he played..Bob would give him a hand and help him up and chastise him if he played dirty or tell him nice try...but one thing remained constant Bob Lily would whip him everytime but in a nice way

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    Sooooo im just as old as you are and you mean to tell me you have never herd of BOB LILLY? Havent you ever watched those old football highlights? I never watch him play either but as a kid I watched everything cowboys. Yo and im from Philly!

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    Dude, that was the most awesome response I have ever read! Thanks for the laugh this morning, my wife & I both cracked up on this one.

    :lmao2: :bow:

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    I became a Cowboys fan in 1963 because of Bob Lilly...

    I grew up in L.A. and my dad took me to a pre-season game between the Rams (yep that's right, the Rams used to be in Los Angeles) and the Cowboys. My grandmother had box seats which entitiled us to come early and eat at the Coliseum Club. Well, being 5 I was restless after breakfast so my dad took me for a walk and we ended up outside the players entrance. These busses pulled up and a bunch of big guys came out and walked past us.

    One guy who was even bigger than my dad, who was pretty big, stopped and started talking with me. He asked me how old I was, whether I was starting school that year, who my favorite team and player was, and a bunch of other stuff. When I told him I liked Merlin Olsen, he said that he played the same position and wore the same numer as Merlin. I told him I would watch for him during the game.

    We must have talked for several minutes because all the other players were already inside so he said that he had better head in and get ready for the game. He shook our hands, rubbed my crew-cut, and walked inside the stadium. My dad said, "that was Bob Lilly".

    He became my hero that day (hence my avatar) and I became a lifelong Cowboys fan.
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    At that time there was a great debate in the NFL on which was the better DT: Lilly or Merlin Olsen. Olsen was bigger but Lilly was quicker. Both were monsters. I always gave Lilly the edge because he was a little quicker. It was not a great edge, but it was an edge. Back then DT's got a little more ink and notice then they do now. NOW its all about the DE's. You will find very few teams that have had two HOF DT's like the Cowboys Lilly and Manster. As A matter of fact a lot of people compared Manster to Lilly-they both were very quick and very strong and would rip your arm off during the play and hand it back to you and apologize after the play.
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    He is the one that tackled the zig-zag man (Griese) in super bowl vi for a 29 yard loss. For me that was one of the greatest sacks of all time.
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    I remember that sack well.......Welcome to the board Sir.
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    We didn't go to many Cowboys games when I was a kid, bt one of my father's greatest pleasures was getting a pair of binoculars and watching the offensive lineman handle Bob Lilly. Usually he was double teamed; there were very few teams that could keep him out of the backfield with just one lineman. He was awfully quick for such a big man, and it's said the odd line spacings of the Flex were designed to get the best out of Bob.

    In 1973 there was a playoff game against Minnesota and Minnesota won that game. I have a strong memory of Fran Tarkenton throwing a long touchdown to help win the game and I also remember Bob Lilly being single teamed mostly in that game. He wasn't the player he was a few years previously.


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    I met a woman at our church who noticed that I consistently wore Cowboys' paraphenalia and she asked me about it. She knew I had grown up in SoCal and wondered how I had become a Cowboys fan. When I related that story to her she said that it sounded just like Bob to do that. I asked her what she meant and she proceeded to tell me that she knew Lilly quite well back in the day.

    She had been a waitress at a diner in Throckmorton and Bob used to come in regularly. She loved seeing him (because she had the hots for him) and because he was always so nice to her and to everyone else. People would come up to him all through his breakfast asking for autographs or to talk and he always took the time to chat with them or sign stuff for them.

    She said that the only thing she didn't like about him was that he would never take her up on her thinly veiled invitations to "step out" but he was married and wasn't that kind of guy. (She's also pretty hefty so that might have made it a bit less tempting).

    I have never heard a bad story about Bob Lilly except that he was a hard drinker and was pretty wild when he was young but after he came to Christ he straightened out and was a model citizen. As someone else said, he was the kind of man everyone wants their son to grow up to be.

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    By 1973 Lilly's back was bothering him all the time and he had really declined but still showed up at times and dominated. Even with that, he never missed a game in his 14-year career. His last 2 seasons (73 & 74) were very hard on him though as he was in pain all the time. We also had lost several players around that time and the team wasn't what it used to be.

    In that Minnesota game it would likely have been 280-lb Ed White who was handling Lilly. White was at his peak then and was a very good OG.
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    Bob Lilly ...in 1961
    Dallas is moved into the NFL's Eastern Conference -- Bob Lilly was selected as the Cowboy's first ever NFL Draft choice.

    No charge!;)
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    #74 DT out of TCU our 1st draft pick. One of the best DT to play the game. He was tenacious on the football field and a true gentleman off the field. I wish there were more men in sports like him you would see a lot less BS than you do today.

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    Unlike every other expansion team we were not allowed to participate in the NFL draft in our first year, 1960, because of the delays in getting the franchise approved (thanks to that scumbag George Preston Marshall). By the time the league had approved the franchise it was decided that it would cause too much disruption to allow the Cowboys to participate in the draft. Go figure.

    They had an expansion draft where we were able to select players that were put into a pool from each team but they were guys the other teams didn't want. Too old or unproven players were all that was available to us still we were able to get some guys who turned out to be pretty good for us. LB Chuck Howley and OE Frank Clarke were two of the best of that expansion draft.

    We had to trade away many of our future draft picks to get players like QB Eddie LeBaron who wasn't even playing in the NFL at the time but since the Redskins still retained his rights we had to give them a high draft pick in order to sign him.

    When you compare how the Cowboys got started with how much advantage expansion teams are given today (1st pick in each round PLUS extra picks as well as FA) it is amazing that it ONLY took us 7 years to get to the playoffs but when we did we were there to stay! From 1966-1985 we had 20 consecutive winning seasons, 18 playoff appearances along with 8 championship games and 5 SB appearances with 2 NFL Titles. Not bad for a team whose beginning was fought so vehemently by the "old guard".

    The real key for us was having a well-oiled machine running the team in owner Clint Murchison, GM Tex Schramm, HC Tom Landry, and talent guru Gil Brandt. It all starts up front, both on the field and off it.

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