Who is your all time favorite TE that played for the Cowboys?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Big Country, Jul 1, 2006.

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    Ok... I'm just a bit miffed that the poll closed without me putting in my two cents. I think my signature displays my vote

    Not only did Jay have great hands but he was one hell of a go too man when all other options were closed down.

    Great hands, great team player, great tight butt... opps! I meant.. Great Tight End...:)

    Why didn't anyone tell me there was a poll with Jay in it? Hummm Juke, TB, BP? Geez, not even a heads up from my brother.. whats up with that Hos???
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    Jay Novacek hands down he should've been put in the Ring of Honor right along with Emmitt, Troy and Irvin. Moose to

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    Bummer, didn't get to vote.


    Can't vote for Ditka because he didn't play long enough but I did like him a great deal.

    Jackie Smith, same deal. He was a great, great TE for the Cards. We got him at the very end of his career and it went hard for him in the process.

    I gotta feeling about this Fasano kid thou. I got a feeling all sorts of things are gonna change.
  4. Alexander

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    The lack of respect Fred Cornwell is getting in this thread is sickening.
  5. dougonthebench

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    :hammer: :hammer: the best wide receiver/tight end around!

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    Tony Gonzales would have a great deal to say about that. So would Kellen Winslow IMO.

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