Who thinks we franchise Spencer this weekend?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ThrowuptheXDez88, Mar 1, 2013.

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    I don't see why that is funny.

    You have 4 games of Carter who is hurt again. Lee was better when healthy in 2011 but he is not now and has yet to bring in a full season. Spencer has played 16 games for 4 of 6 seasons and missed less games than Both Carter and Lee over his career with only 6.

    Carr didn't play particularly well last year. Claiming he is better is nothing more than a claim.

    The last two years Spencer has 17 sacks, 6 FF, 166 tkl, 14 TFL and 4 PD as well as 26 pressures last year alone. We know short of maybe Coleman he is and has been the best run defender on the team as well. If you want to zone blitz with him he is great in coverage for a man his size.
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    Spencer needs to be franchised. IMO, he doesn't need to be signed to a long-term deal until Dallas sees how he plays at DE.

    His season was good enough last year that replacing him won't be as easy as some seem to believe. It's either going to take another high-dollar FA or a first-round pick.
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    yes, cincy franchised Johnson....and, since they tagged him and buffalo tagged byrd, then they will both have OL available....both may be too expensive but since there are going to be multiple options out there, then Dallas can look at a lot of players for the OL...the more FA's that are out there, the most cost effective it could be (i.e.: there is a limit to how many guys will get $8m+ in FA on the OL)
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    The big problem right now is that we have chosen to pay Rat and Ware and Rat is guaranteed while Ware is elite. We have also chosen to dole out large contracts to Austin, Free, Romo, Witten and Carr. We are up against the cap big-time and we can see upcoming extensions needed for Tyron and Dez who will be first tier FAs if they ever see FA while Carter and Lee would be second tier FAs.

    IMO, that is just more big contracts than one team can have. It is unfortunate that extending guys like Free, Rat and Miles have made it so hard to re-sign Spencer but that is the nature of the beast. Unfortunately Spencer put up an aberrant statistical year in a contract year and those are the breaks. We could probably have afforded a $7M per year deal like Ahmad Brooks and Kam Wimbley got last year but the two sides couldn`t work out a deal. I don`t feel Spencer is worth anymore today to us than back then. I would argue he is now worth less as a LDE than he was as an OLB in a blitz heavy 3-4 scheme. So I don`t see a deal being possible.

    The only thing I could see happening is franchising him for a chance at a sign and trade. I think that only makes sense if we can get a 2nd rounder for him since we probably get a 3rd rounder if we let him walk without the headache of trying to trade him. If this is our hope I hope Jerry has been working the phones to see if there is a potential trade partner out there who could give us something better than the 3rd rounder. The problem with franchising him is we won`t have cap space for anything else at all. We`d probably have to cute Free just to franchise Spencer.

    Right now I`d strongly be opposed to franchising him unless we have an offer on the table for a quick sign and trade from a 3-4 team hungry for an OLB.

    We`ll have a better shot at building a stronger team by letting him go and focusing on finding ourselves a Safety and a vet backup at OT.
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    I was not an abberrant statistical year as was discussed last year. Last year I pointed to his pressures and leagueiwde conversion rates and figured he would regress to the mean. He did.

    At a certain point you should give us credit because we did call it.

    That is not to mention the superb run defense, TFL, FF, etc he has consistently generated.

    You guys were WRONG on Spencer.
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    Spencer put up a better than expected year.

    The question is in regards to his future worth. The question no one knows the answer to is how much was he asking for versus what Jerry was offering for a long-term deal. We only know that Jerry was willing to pay him $8.8M last year but not willing to give him the deal he wanted. Spencer may have been demanding Ware money for all we know ($12M per year).

    I`d support an Ahmad Brooks or Kam Wimbley type deal. I would not pay him 8 figures per year.

    Frankly, we cannot afford to pay both Spencer and Ware. Ware has been the more consistent pass rusher so he is the one who deserves the elite salary. We wouldn`t be able to pay both without making major cuts elsewhere like at CB which seems to be against the organization`s philosophy.

    I think we`re better off drafting a true DL to add to the mix in the first round and then move everyone around a little bit to get the best four on the field. We probably stand a better chance of filling the OL hole in FA at a reasonable price than we would filling the DL hole in FA or re-signing Spencer.

    Only time will tell whether Spencer is worth his FA contract. History has told us that very few players are worth it.
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    Not better than what I expected.

    Worth is relative. You always want to pay below market value. That market is the market.
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    Fair enough.

    My point is just that no one knows what Spencer was demanding last year. We only know that we were willing to pay him $8.8M for the year and he begrudgingly accepted just before the draft to sign his tender.

    In FA he can go to the team who is willing to pay him the most. I am almost certain it will not be the Dallas Cowboys given our salary cap limitations and the existing holes on the roster. Jerry has basically said we will not pay him anywhere close to what he is demanding or what he will get on the open market. Whether he is worth it can be open to debate presently but will only be known 4 years from now. History suggests he will underperform his salary.
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    Agreed. Franchise him and trade him. Jets are looking fora a proven pass rusher, trade him to NY for Quinton Coples and a 6th.
  10. Eskimo

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    If they`ll give us Coples I`d send them Spencer and a 4th rounder. He`d be a perfect LDE.

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