Who was better, Emmitt Smith or Walter Payton

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jimmy40, Jul 7, 2011.

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    At age 30 and beyond:

    Rushing yards
    5101 Payton
    5789 Smith

    Total yards
    6551 Payton
    6404 Smith

    The water must not have been that deep

    Best season
    1852 yards rushing
    2121 total yards
    16 TDs

    1773 yards rushing
    2148 total yards
    25 TDs

    Way better? Reality is a strange place.
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    I was thinking about doing this last night because I knew that Walter couldn't have had a better season than that 95 season emmitt had. Glad you were able to post this. Great post.
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    Geez Stautner:eek: , You've done what I should have and looked up what he's really done for others. I've been thinking about this for the last couple of days since I've been involved in this thread. I keep writing all this evil about Emmitt and I really couldn't put my finger on why. I know that the comparison between Emmitt and Walter always annoys me because I do believe Walter was the better player and person but Emmitt's definetly in the top 4 or 5 backs of all time and he's one of my boys so I was wondering what the hell? Why am I on his back so badly right now?

    I figured out that I'm just so damn ANGRY about this lockout that I was kinda taking it out on him a little. I knew he wasn't as bad as I was making him out to be. But I remember him coming out of Florida. I was SO excited that we were getting someone I considered a special player. The kind of instinctual runner with incredible heart that comes along once in a generation. When he first started he had the kind of innoccence that you see with Felix. I just saw how fame changed him over the years and watched him morph into the "television personality" you see now. You can see the same thing with Kurt Warner. He was the most wholesome guy and now he's a successful "television personality". Except Warner is good at it and Emmitt just always looks like the plastic man.

    Anyway, I guess Emmitt has come to personify "the business" part of the game for me that I've come to really hate right now. And yes I also know the players have to do something after retirement.

    But I Love what Emmitt Smith was. How he played. And that he was such a GREAT Cowboy. so I'll check out of this Emmitt hate crap.

    appologies to all the great members of the forum. Thanks again to Stautner for the research.


    Go Cowboys!
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    Here's where you said I ignored Emmitt's stats ..... refresh your memory any?

    The thing you ridiculously failed to understand, though it was obvious as hell, is that when I threw out the names of Franco Harris, Scotty Pippen, Bradshaw etc I was doing so to show that rings can't be used as the only factor in rating a player and that you have to have the stats to be considered among the best. I even specifially explained that in the very post I mentioned those names, so there should have been no way a person could misundertand. Yet somehow your unbeleivably bizarre mind took that post to mean the opposite of what it said.

    It's also worth pointing out that you pulled the same kind of crap in the Emmitt vs. Sanders thread, where despite the fact that I said Emmitt was the better RB, and that I would take Emmitt over Sanders, and despite the fact that I said there were things Barry didn't do as well as Emmitt, you insisted on posting several times claiming that I thought Barry could do no wrong and was downgrading Emmitt. I can only assume that because I was insistent that Barry was still a great RB you somehow ignored the fact that I clearly said Emmitt was better and would be my choice to have on a team, and again your bizarre mind chose to believe i was talking down Emmitt and saying Barry had no faults.

    You really should slow down and try to understand what you read - that is assume you are worthy of the benefit of the doubt that you are merely just missing the obvious points and attacking without understanding. Considering how many times you have ignored my words, and how many subsequent times I have told you, and even on a few ocassions shown you, where I have praised Emmitt and said he was the better RB or that I can't say anyone in history is clearly better, I have to wonder if it is just bizarre misunderstanding or something intentional.

    Maybe I should assume you just have a problem understanding the written word rather than assume you are just making up crap that is contrary to what was posted - would that make you feel better?
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    Taken from Thumper's RB attributes...

    Overall Running With The Ball - Payton
    Break Away Runs - Payton
    Short Yardage Effectiveness - Smith
    Elusiveness - Payton
    Breaking Tackles - Payton
    Nose For The Endzone - Smith
    Converting 1st Downs - tie
    Uses Blockers Well - Smith
    Patience - Payton
    Vision - Smith
    Balance - Payton
    Reliability - Smith
    Durability - Smith
    Toughness - Smith
    Strength - tie
    Flexibility - Payton
    Quickness - Payton
    Determination - tie

    Reliability To Catch The Ball - Smith
    Run after the catch - Smith
    Getting Open - n/a
    Difficulty To Bring Down Payton

    Pass Protection:
    Overall Blocking - Smith

    Likeability - Payton
    Desire - tie

    no opinion here based on any statistics

    THUMPER Papa

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    Great stuff BC! That's what I like to see. :bow:
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    Barry Sanders: I’d never say I was better than Emmitt Smith

    In the 1990s, one of the best barstool debates for NFL fans was whether Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith was the best running back in the league. But while that may have been (and may still be) a fun argument for fans and members of the media, it’s not an argument that Sanders will participate in.

    Asked in a radio interview if he was better than Smith, Sanders answered, “I would never say that. He was too great of a player, and I loved competing against him.”...


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    Payton compiled those stats in a 14 game season genius, Emmitt did his in 16 games.

    Payton averaged 132 rushing yds per game compared to Emmitt's 110yds rushing per game.

    If you don't don't think that's way better more power to you.
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    It's a toss up.
  10. Big Country

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    Yes sir! Nice list of intangibles dude :starspin
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    No man, you really missed the point. That statement you bolded wasn't directed at you. I was speaking how people in general compare/link players together based on the era they played in like Montana/Marino, Brady/Marino, Wilt/Russell and they immediately go to the rings card and each player that has rings or more rings is automatically better BUT IT DOESN'T SEEM TO APPLY WHEN COMPARING EMMITT/BARRY. I guess I have to spell out that hey that sentence wasn't directed at you in order for you to understand. The rest of that post(the 1st and last sentence was directed at you). Anyway I am beyond tired of going back and forth with you.You are very annoying and arguing like a 4th grader would argue. Posting all that crapped you just typed(which I didn't read) illustrates that.
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    I'd give nose for the endzone to payton. No one went over the top like he did.

    THUMPER Papa

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    True, but Emmitt was money inside the 5. He's got 54 more rushing TDs than Sweetness, (essentially 1 1/2 times as many) I think that gives him the edge.
  14. Nightshade

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    On this one I aint budging despite the numbers. I've just never seen anyone consistently fight as hard as Payton did to get into the endzone no matter who or how many were in his way. (oh hell, Earl Campbell comes pretty darn close though :eek::)
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    Really? You directly quote me, and in response to that direct quote from me you talked bout how I (me specifically) was wrong in mentioning them ......... ..... although as we know, your interperetion of why I brought them up was actually directly opposite to what the quote said ...............then in follow up posts you continued to harp on it being me that talked about those people.

    Now, after an original post and follow up posts directed specifically at me you are now going to say you were only talking about people in general and not me?

    Well, if you think that explainatioin flies then all I can say is it's consistent with the level of posts you have presented before.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Hey Stautner & mldardy, any chance you two could take your personal battle somewhere else? I'd like to get back to discussing Emmitt vs Walter at some point. :cool:
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    I'd also add that I remember every time watching him, Payton was always fighting for every little inch he could get, no matter where he was on the field. He was a downright ferocious runner. I always hated to see him break out from the pack when he was bottled up (against the Doomsday defense of course) and take it around the other side for a huge gain.

    I remember a Thanksgiving day game back in the 80's, that Dallas barely won 10-9... thanks to "Too Tall" Jones blocking a PAT. Payton was giving Dallas fits that day IIRC.

    THUMPER Papa

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    One area where Emmitt really outshines Payton is in the playoffs...

    ES - 17 games, 349 att, 1586 yards, 4.54 avg, 19 TDs, 7-100+ games
    WP - 9 games, 180 att, 632 yards, 3.51 avg, 2 TDs, 1-100+ game

    Emmitt averaged a full yard more per carry in the playoffs and his 19 TDs simply blows Walter (and everyone else) away. That's more than 1 per game!

    His 7 100+ yard games is also impressive especially considering that 2 of them were the SBs vs the Bills. Payton's only game over 100 yards was 104 yards vs the Redskins in 1984. He had 5 games of less than 70 yards, Emmitt had only 3.

    In the playoffs, give me Emmitt Smith! :starspin :starspin :starspin
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    Listen when it comes down to it Emmitt was money...by that I mean he was reliable you could count on a certain amount of production from him regardless...granted it wasn't always spectacular but it was productive... that and that alone separates Emmitt from most any other RB...outside of Jimmy Brown and a few others that were just so much more physically dominate than what they were playing against Emmitt did it with vision and balance and determination... considering Emmitt's lack of size and speed he shouldn't have been able to do what he did...when you looked at Brown you thought heck ya that guy could be the leading rusher...not so with Emmitt he did not have any outstanding attribute that you could see with your eyes. Emmitt was a millennium man...Walter had his nice little pony kick and tried to punish tacklers when he could also was a good pass blocker but when I think of Walter I think Curtis Martin they were very similar I thought...I have never seen the likes of an Emmitt Smith before and I doubt I will again....the word best to describe Emmitt would be productive and if you were a coach who would you take... one that might get you 190 yards but just might also get you only 25 yards or would you take one that was a guarantee 85-95 yards and 1 and 1/2 TD's a game every game. If I was Coach I know which way I go every stinking time.
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    You are right, although I'm not sure how much new there is to add to the Emmitt/Payton discussion. Similar runners with great heart - both great players.

    Emmitt was similar, trying to get out every inch he could. This is an area where I think both Emmitt and Payton outshine a quickness guy like Sanders - they were always focused on moving the ball forward, and if there was no opportunity for a big gain they still found a way to go North/South and make at least a little something. They rarely got into trouble trying to dance around when the running lanes were clogged, they just found the best pathe they could and hit it hard and found a way to make something out of it.

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