Who will be there at 14?

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    Who do you guys think will be there at 14??

    The first 3 picks are a lock.
    1 Luck
    2 Griffin
    3 Kalil

    Now 4 and 5 will be tricky but I think Tampa takes who ever Cleveland doesn't select.

    4 Richardson or Claiborne
    5 Claiborne or Richardson
    6 Blackmon
    7 Malcom Floyd
    8 Tannehil
    9 Cox
    10 Reif

    Now we get tricky

    11 Kansas could go in a variety of ways but I think to the dismay of many posters, including myself they go with David DeCastro. Maybe will get lucky and they go with Keuchly but I think they know the the importance of taking a once and a lifetime player as evidenced by them selecting Berry.

    12.Quinton Couples Seattle needs a passrusher bad. Despite questions concerning Couples work ethic he is worth a top pick. Measured very well at the combine as has tape to justify this pick.

    13. Arizona could also shake up the draft and ruin Dallas's party. However the right side of their line is a mess and they need a RT like TO needs a job so they take they best available one. Jonathan Martin

    14. Dallas gets the best player available even though they have Spencer and they take Melvin Ingram. I do not think this is wishful thinking and I think he will be there at 14. I think Couples and and Cox go before him and he will slip to Dallas at 14.

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