Who will you be keeping a close eye on saturday?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The Answer, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Our first preseason game is upon us, and there's been talk of a lot of younger players getting a look over the veterans for evaluation purposes. Training camp legends are born every year....some may prosper and make the practice squad or active roster, others will fade into obscurity.

    The Answer will be breaking down the game tape after this first preseason contest and of course watching each and every player, however he has a keen interest in the following players:

    1.) Tony Romo....this is a no brainer as talk of him starting this saturday (along with rumors of him replacing Bledsoe this season) have surfaced. No question this kid has moxie, but a pathetic showing against the defending conference champs might put the Romo project on indefinite hold.

    2.) Scott Shanle.....The Answer's sources have told him that this kid is quietly having a solid camp (as expected) making plays left and right and beating up on our less than steller oline. Hopefully Parcells and Zimmer will start him against the Seahawks and send him loose!

    3.) Sam Hurd....This kid is going to be special, and there's no doubt that working with superstars like TO and Bledsoe have accelerrated his development. Can't wait to see him in action and make a big play even if it's against 3rd stringers.

    4.) Marion Barber The Third....The Answer's sources have also told him that MB3's play during camp so far is going to force Parcells into a difficult decision in terms of who gets the bulk of carries this fall. This kid IS the real deal and the best back on our roster right now regardless of JJ's health.

    5.) The Entire Oline....Fabini, Rivera and Flozell....The Answer is calling you out as your the the key to our entire season. However Gurode is another player quietly having a good camp and make or break this line.

    ~The Answer
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    I enjoyed your comments about Hurd and Barber in particular. If Barbe keeps it up, it sounds as though he's going to make it difficult for Parcells to keep him off the field. While I realize that it's still early, but...if Hurd continues to show the kind of promise that he has so far, we may have uncovered something with him, let's hope anyway.
  3. speedkilz88

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    Will you give up on the Shanle love fest. They are going to showcase the guy to trade for a wr because he no longer has a spot left on the team.
  4. The30YardSlant

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    Henson, only because if he doesnt play, all Hell will break lose
  5. Qwickdraw

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    I thought you got banned.

    ~The Qwickdraw
  6. TruBlueCowboy

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    All the new guys that I've never seen play before.

    ESPECIALLY some of the unexpected rookie sensations such as Watkins, McQuistan and Hurd. I'm dying to watch one of those famous verticals from Watkins.
  7. The30YardSlant

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    No such luck

    ~The HeavyHitta31

    *edit* Doesnt have the same ring to it...
  8. The Answer

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    There is more than enough room for Shanle on this roster....you don't foolishly give away linebackers that are a natural fit for the 3-4 like Scott is. If anything there's other linebackers who shall remain nameless in jeapordary of making this team...especially with Ellis's emergence at OLB.

    Who would you trade Shanle for? Lelie?....Don't think so, not worth equal value in The Answer's mind.

    Besides we can keep Shanle, and sign Freddie 'Fredex' Mitchell and add a big play threat and solid veteran to this offense likely for a low cost $$$$. He did great things when he was paired up with TO in 2004.....carried the Egirls offense for the rest of the season until TO came back for the superbowl.

    ~The Answer
  9. Qwickdraw

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  10. bbgun

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    Young British Islamists.
  11. Bob Dole

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    The O-Line, Romo, Sam Hurd, Pat Watkins, DeMarcus Ware, Bobby Carpenter.
  12. The30YardSlant

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    Okay, now THAT is funny :lmao2: :lmao:
  13. Byrdman1531

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    Pat Watkins. Too bad we can't watch him every play becuase of the camera angle. But I really want to see waht this guy has to offer.
  14. lane

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    i'll be keeping one eye on carpenter and watkins and hurd.

    the other eye will be watching them bud lights in the fridge.
  15. Crown Royal

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    Shanle's only chance to make this roster is if we keep him over Boiman. For that to happen, Shanle will have to play better on ST. He has no role in the actual defense outside of injuries.
  16. lane

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    i'm also interested in seeing ryan fowler again.

    that guy looked like a world beater against st. louis .
  17. baj1dallas

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    Nobody, because I'll be at a wedding.
  18. lane

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    i hate weddings.
  19. superpunk

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    I'm super stoked to see Watkins in action. FS is obviously a huge concern, and I want to see how that's handled.

    I hope they run up the middle on us like there's no tomorrow, to see if Ferguson's got it, and if Ayodele/Carpenter/James are viable run stuffers - hopefully better than last year.

    We're not going to really see this in the first game, but that's what I'm looking for. FS and NT.
  20. DallasDomination

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    Funy how last year everyone thought nothing of Barber but after acouple words from parcells and a good showing of talent this off season and training camp all is erased:laugh1: ...funny how this works.

    1. Offensive line. We will live and die with our offensive line. I will be keeping a close eye on Pettiti and kosier. Pettiti has to show us that he belongs on this team. I was never a fan of his but we'll see I'll be keeping a super close eye on him.

    2. tony Romo. Although I dont buy into all the replacing drew Speculation I am interested in in seing if he's a player or not. He's head and shoulders above Henson, but lets not get crazy with comparing him with Bledsoe.

    3. Sam Hurd. This kid has really opened up a lot of eyes and his friendship with Owens is making for a good story. I still have to see it to believe it. He has a good attitude and I hear good things about him, we'll find out soon enough.

    4. Patrick Crayton. I want to see him return to his early last year form. He has great hands and has a great upside. Still looking forward to see more of him.

    5. Watkins. big 6'5-6'7 safety!. I hear good things about him, very anthused to see what he brings to the table. I like Kieth Davis but I think he should be playing as roy's mini me, instead of FS. Back there we needreliable cover man not a big hitter.

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