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Who you got in tonights game? Saints vs Seahawks

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Achilleslastand

    Achilleslastand Well-Known Member

    1,500 Messages
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    Or do you even care? I myself despise both teams equally and in leau of a tie id have to root for the seahawks. My hatred for Payton as well as the midget disguised as a NFL QB far outweights any disdain for the Seahawks.
  2. crazyfool

    crazyfool Member

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    who are you guys rooting for? Will the outcome of tonights game affect the Cowboys playoff scenarios?
  3. zack

    zack Well-Known Member

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    I would think the Saints. We don't want them to be a wild card team.
  4. StarBoyz83

    StarBoyz83 Well-Known Member

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    Im saying saints win by at least 14.
  5. BoysFan4ever

    BoysFan4ever Well-Known Member

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  6. Jenky

    Jenky Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Seattle at home.
  7. tantrix1969

    tantrix1969 Well-Known Member

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    Saints give the Seahawks their first loss at home in awhile(think it's 2 seasons since they lost at home)
  8. hsfolk

    hsfolk Member

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    Saints and the weather doesn't look like much of a factor like Seattle fans would like to believe
  9. DuceizBak

    DuceizBak Active Member

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    Gotta go with saints...

    One of their corners were suspended for a year I believe[for a drug charge]
    And their defense is very good this year..not to mention their offense is monstrous

    The Seahawks have the 12th ranked offense and the 2nd ranked defense.
    Saints have the 2nd ranked offense and the 5th ranked defense.

    They'll probably put Sherman or one of those big DB's on Graham..I believe graham has a pedestrian night but Brees kills them with everybody else.
  10. Lonestar94

    Lonestar94 Well-Known Member

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    I want Seattle to win.

    In today's NFL I will root for any team with a great defense. I hate today's offense.
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  11. hsfolk

    hsfolk Member

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    both have great defenses
  12. Jenky

    Jenky Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Their nickel back is also suspended for 4 games. Knowing this, I'll still pick Seattle cause that home crowd is literally insane.
  13. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

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    Should be a good one.
  14. dstovall5

    dstovall5 Well-Known Member

    2,987 Messages
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    I need the Saints to put a spanking on Seattle. If Seattle's defense shuts down New Orleans, then I'll miss the playoffs in my FF money league. :(

    I think New Orlean wins 21 - 17 in a rather boring, defensive game. Hopefully I'm wrong and we see some points!
  15. mahoneybill

    mahoneybill Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    2,608 Messages
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    Marshawn steamrolls the Saints D, and the Seattle secondary handles the Saints receivers, as Brees is rushed
    on his throws and throws at least 1/2 picks.
  16. TTexasTT

    TTexasTT Well-Known Member

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    lol I bet you detest college football.
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  17. lwehlers

    lwehlers Well-Known Member

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  18. Derinyar

    Derinyar Well-Known Member

    2,413 Messages
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    I would root for the Saints just because I think Pete Carroll is running a dirty team in Seattle just like he did at USC.
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  19. jobberone

    jobberone Right turn Clyde Staff Member

    40,480 Messages
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  20. OhSnap

    OhSnap Well-Known Member

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