Who's the SAM linebacker?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheSport78, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Lack of speed will always be an issue in any scheme.

    3-4 alignments will send 4 rushers in a base look leaving 3 line backers to cover the middle zones of the field.

    4-3 alignments are the same way.

    I know we get caught up in specifics of players in both schemes but speed is still an attribute everyone covets in the NFL.
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    I don't think he's even had a third rounder at that spot and we do have some guys who can fill that spot. One being a recent 4th rounder and another that was a 1st rounder in Sims. That 3rd could be used on an OL or S that could be a much bigger help to the team.
  3. Bluestang

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    On Broaddus' 1st or 2nd Draft Show, he interviewed Tom Ciskowski and he said that the Cowboys like to follow the BPA approach.

    However, he also said if there are two players that are graded closely together they would take the position of need even if that meant that the player wasn't the highest graded of the two. He also added that they will shy away from prospects that are graded too far apart...in other words if the two players are 1-3 slots away from each other as far grades they will take position of need. If they are like 5-10 slots away from each other they will take BPA because they don't want to reach.
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    As I said earlier, I'd bet Wilbur is Ware's backup at DE. I also doubt Sims is ever more than a rotational guy. Spending a third rounder for a starter quality SOLB is great value, regardless of the scheme.
  5. speedkilz88

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    Jerry gets everything from his coaches, he has said they have Wilber at SOLB. Now on third downs he could put his hand down and rush.
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    A strategy that I totally agree with. Stick to the board, don't reach for some player just cause you need it, we need talent by any means necessary and the draft is where you get it. Cut an older player (we got a long list of them), let one walk (got a long list of them too), and get the young talented player with a cheap contract in there to play.

    We could do this with every position group on this team which is why our draft is wide open to any position group.
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    It's true that many teams covet speed, but not at the expense of size. Only Jimmy threw the planet rule out of his book when he came to the NFL. Jimmy does not place a premium on height or weight on his defense. He was all all about speed, smarts and toughness.

    Jimmy's 4-3 Slide is not the same as Kiffin's 4-3 Under but they both place a premium on speed. Especially at LB. Even Landry's 4-3 Flex valued smarts & speed over size with LB corps.

    OLBs in a 4-3 are usually oversized safeties. Except for the SAM in a 4-3 Under. That position usually moves to the LOS at the 9 technique in passing situations. The ideal SAM in a 4-3 under usually has some length to him.
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    I can't imagine Sims playing the strong side. If he's playing anything, it's the Will. Carter could technically play either outside spot, so if Sims is on the roster, the best fit is probably Carter on the strong side and Sims on the weak.

    But I'm not buying that. I think Carter has Pro Bowl potential on the weak side, a more important position in this scheme, and I'd rather have him there with Albright, a slimmed down Wilber or maybe Connor over on the strong side. But I agree with other posters that none of those seem like optimal solutions. I don't think the SAM is on our roster right now.
  9. Teague31

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    i agree with those that think our SAM is not yet on the roster.
  10. jobberone

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    I think we can play with the LBs on the roster now. That's not saying we couldn't pick up one or more in FA and/or the draft.

    You have Lee and Carter as two of the LBs. Lee is the Mike. I'd play Carter as a Will but he could play the Sam. For that matter so could Lee. I can easily see Lemon or Albright playing the Sam esp Albright. Or you could put Albright at the Mike and Lee at the Sam. I'm not saying that's where I'd play them but I think they could play there.

    I think there is a lot of talent at LB on this team right now. I think some are underestimating the talent of Lemon and Albright and I think Sims is a player as well. And I have no idea how good Wilbur is but he is a player I expect will develop and push for snaps.
  11. btcutter

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    Maybe. But I think Orie Lemon actually has a shot at it.
  12. Eskimo

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    Lemon is more like a 4.9 to 5.0 40 guy. I don't think he has the necessary speed to play Sam in this system. If you look at the numbers, Albright is probably the quickest and most agile LB on the roster after Lee and Carter so he would be the ideal choice. If he lost 10 pounds he may also be able to take a tick off his 40 and run in the 4.7 range which wouldn't be too bad for the spot. His main competition right now would be Kyle Wilber.

    I think Lemon's best shot is to be Sean Lee's backup at MLB and take the spot away from Dan Connor.

    I think Ernie Sims is probably best suited for a backup role at WLB and SLB due to his issues with concussions. He'll probably have to compete with some UDFAs or a late round vet for this spot.
  13. xwalker

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    Chicago 2012 SLB: Nick Roach 6'1 234

    Tampa 2008 (Kiffin's final year) SLB: Cato June 6-'0 227

    Ernie Sims: 5-11, 236
  14. superpunk

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    It might be Anthony Spencer, especially if "Watch Seattles D" was any indication from Kiffin, he's looking for a pass rusher at sam.
  15. jobberone

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    I think Lemon has faster football speed than that but I agree his coverage ability is a question mark. I also think he may be a better Mike than Sam. I'm interested to see how he competes.

    I think Sims will compete at Sam and could backup all three positions. I'm also interested to see if they could use him as a DB in special packages.

    I agree. You can't dismiss his speed and coverage ability. I wonder how well he could blitz from the Sam.

    I don't completely discount Spencer as the Sam but I think he'd be a better DE. That doesn't rule out the possibility of putting Ware and Crawford at DE and putting Spencer beside one as the Sam and rushing them all either. I'm more interested in seeing another player at the Sam though.
  16. gimmesix

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    Albright showed better coverage ability than I was expecting from him at linebacker. In this 4-3, he would have to drop toward the hash mark to cover a zone, which was less than we asked of him sometimes in the 3-4.

    Before last year, I wouldn't have thought he could do it. Now, I think he can ... and I think he's a better fit at LB than at DE.

    Sims obviously would bring more speed, and I'm not against him being brought back and starting based on his play after we picked him up.

    I'm unsure about Wilber ... and don't know if the outside spot suits Connor, if he's retained.

    I wouldn't be surprised if a cheap vet is added to compete for the spot. Not much will be invested, though, because we have our two main linebackers in Lee and Carter.
  17. jobberone

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    This is the drift I get from them as well. In fact I'd be surprised if this isn't run of the mill draft 101 for most if not all teams.

    Rating players is generally very arbitrary anyway. Putting too much stock in slotting players exactly is pseudoscience.
  18. TheSport78

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    If this was true, then LeSean McCoy would be a Dallas Cowboy.
  19. speedkilz88

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    In their minds they were stacked at the position with Barber and the previous year spending a first on Felix and a 4th on Choice.

    Landry, Schramm, and Brandt did similar when they passed on Joe Montana because they thought they were stacked with Staubach, White, and Carano.
  20. Alexander

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    Khaseem Greene.

    Perfect fit for a Tampa-style defense.

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