Why are you a Cowboys fan?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tyke1doe, Nov 1, 2013.

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    I wish I could quadruple like this.

    Darn straight, fellow fan.

    Darn straight.
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  2. CxC1993

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    Most of my family consists of diehard Cowboys fans. My parents have never been too into sports so I learned it from my grandpa, cousins, etc. But I really started to watch every game & get into it during high school; I'll be 21 in January & will be a fan for life. I'm not old enough to really remember their Super Bowls but nonetheless they are still my team & I am forever a fan.
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  3. HeavyBarrel

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    As I have stated before, my wife works for another NFL team, the Cowboys play that team in two weeks-Her family and friends will ask me "who are you going to root for"........I remind them I grew up 15 miles from Texas Stadium and I will NEVER root against the team I have loved since I was a little boy, my loyalty "aint" for sale.
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  4. SilverStarCowboy

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    The Tom Landry Show
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  5. Roadtrip635

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    I was born into it and loved it all. They were fun and exciting. Roger Staubach kept you on the edge of your seat with his wild scrambling and jump passes. You always had hope he would bring the team back if they were down, he was Captain America. Walt Garrison was my favorite as a kid, not only was he a Dallas Cowboy, but he was a real life cowboy.... to a kid that's just the coolest thing ever! I still remember seeing those old Skoal commercials of his and to this day can still recite one of them word for word. I loved watching Bob Lily and then Randy White and Harvey Martin, always felt that Harvey Martin was under-appreciated. There was the Doomsday Defense, Charlie's Angels, the Mad Bomber, the Hail Mary, the Flex defense, the shotgun, that cool "bob" all the oline would do in unison before every snap, the stoic man with the funny hat on the sideline that just always seem to have an answer and there was so much more. I always thought it funny that Landry was so calm, reserved and showed little personality on the sideline while the team seemed almost the exact opposite, exciting, flamboyant, fiery and full of characters. The 70's is when the Cowboys became America's Team, and not just because it was the title of an NFL film, but because they truly captured the country's fascination. You had to love them or hate, because you surely couldn't ignore them.
  6. Pabst

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    My father is a big Cowboys fan. He was raised, for a time, in Corpus Christi, due to the military obligations of his own father.

    His love of the Cowboys is what shaped my fandom, although I would also add that I lived in San Antonio during my own formative years, or rather, elementary and middle school. Also due to familial military work.

    I currently live in the Washington, DC area. They try to go out of their way to prove you're "just a bandwagon fan." They hide behind it, try to use it as a shield. They don't understand military obligations, and what it entails. So it goes.
  7. Vintage

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    Because of the name Cowboys. If they changed their moniker, I'd switch. ;)

    Right tyke?
  8. BigMac6

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    I live in NW Italy. I watched my first football game in 1980: Dallas at St.Louis. I quickly recognized in the Cowboys side line a man with a hat that had an astounding resemblance, even in traits, with my beloved grandfather who passed away the year before. It was love at first sight.
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  9. DuceizBak

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    I was born into this...and molded by it.
    Family have been cowboys fans since the 60s
  10. Lonestar94

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    Because I'm from Texas and I like football.

    NOT because I'm from California or New York and became a fan because of their winning history (bandwagon)

    (Yeah, come at me)
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  11. CowboyFan4Eva

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    They were on a lot in the 70s and 80s. ,,,,even in the northeast......

    I think they were really good. , and Dallas, the city, was in the process of becoming "LA of Texas". Dallas the TV show was huge.......it just all coalesced...dont forget how "huge. Dallas the city became,,,',,,,,then throw on a super bowl team........

    So, as a kid i saw a lot of them on TV. Roger man!!! Dorsett , Newhouse. . Uniforms were awesome. The star, etc, etc, .......I was hooked from 2nd grade.
  12. CowboyFan4Eva

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    How did techno mess that up so bad! I mean the colors are messed up........they are green!!!!
  13. DuceizBak

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    lmao..in tecmo bowls it's so confusing..but I love that game..

    I won the superbowl with the Oilers, Cowboys, and the Cardinals.
  14. 03EBZ06

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    Because of Roger Staubach. I was a kid when I first saw him play and he simply amazing QB, he was accurate, very mobile and elusive, I didn't care about other players at the time, I just loved watch him play so he was the reason why I became a Cowboys fan.
  15. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Not trying to be funny or snarky, but I honestly do not know.
  16. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Worst statement ......ever
  17. cajuncocoa

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    I'm going to have the silliest answer ever, but keep in mind that I saw them for the first time when I was only almost 13 years old, and I'm female. I thought their unis were awesome, and yes, I liked the star and the colors (blue always was my favorite). They didn't even have much of a history at the time.
  18. BigStar

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    Coincided with the triplets and the stigma attached in DC to Redskins fans as racists and Cowboys as the "true" team of the city. Many in DC Cowboys fans feel the glitz and attitude associated with the Cowboys relates closer to the true fabric of the society resisting the historical racism of DC inner city and congressional politicians controlling the city's budget etc. It is in a way a middle finger salute to the "big shots" that controlled the city historically. It somewhat explains the huge amount of Cowboys fans in DC area and a type of counter culture to being a "yes" man or Redskin fan. Being the last NFL team to desegregate in a majority black city showed a disdain for the local population so they went to the polar opposite...
  19. XDez88BeastX

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    Being from north west Indiana I would likely buy myself an Andrew luck jersey & be very happy about it unless Dez was traded during the move I would contemplate rooting for his new team. I hate the jones and could only hope they would do such a thing to free me of their ignorance. But I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan so as long as the team is this team I will be a fan no matter how ignorant I believe the management is.
  20. Corso

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    At least you're honest...

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