Why do Democrats hold failure in such high esteem?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by JBond, Sep 1, 2008.

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    Interesting article. Jimmy Carter was the worst modern era president. Al Gore is a liar and a fraud. It figures they are the most highly regarded democratic part members after the Barry O. That is kinda sad, but not unexpected.


    August 25, 2008
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    Ask Democrats which of their leaders they like (other than Barack and Hillary, of course) as they gather for their national convention in Denver, and Jimmy Carter and Al Gore lead the pack.
    More Democrats have a Very Favorable opinion of independent Senator Joseph Lieberman than of the party’s Senate leader Harry Reid and up-and comer Mark Warner, the former governor of Virginia now running for the Senate. But the Connecticut Democrat, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2000 who is now expected to speak at the Republican National Convention next week, has much higher negatives.
    See for yourself how Democrats rank their best and brightest.
    Fifty-three percent of Democratic voters have a Very Favorable view of former President Carter versus only seven percent (7%) who say their view of him is Very Unfavorable.
    Al Gore, the party’s unsuccessful presidential candidate in 2000 who has reinvented himself as the prophet of global warming, is held in Very Favorable regard by half of Democrats (50%), while only six percent (6%) see him in a Very Unfavorable light.
    Being a former presidential candidate doesn’t help 2004 nominee John Kerry much with party faithful, though, 21% of whom regard him Very Favorably while nine percent (9%) view him Very Unfavorably.
    Lieberman, by contrast, may be viewed Very Favorably by 12% of Democrats, but 22% now see him Very Unfavorably. Even John Edwards, once the favorite as Obama’s running mate who has since been brought low by his admission of an extramarital affair, is only viewed Very Unfavorably by 19% of Democrats. Eighteen percent (18%) of Democrats still have a Very Favorable opinion of the former North Carolina senator.
    Perhaps a reflection of the record low marks Congress get these days for its job performance, the Democratic leaders of both houses don’t score much better with their fellow party members.
    Reid, the Senate majority leader, is actually viewed more unfavorably than favorably by his Democrats. Six percent (6%) have a Very Favorable view of the Nevada senator, but 8% regard him Very Unfavorably.
    His counterpart in the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is scheduled to speak at the convention today, is seen in Very Favorable terms by one-quarter of Democrats (25%) and in a Very Unfavorable light by 14%.
    Also scheduled at the convention today is a tribute to the party’s terminally-ill senior statesman, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. Thirty-nine percent (39%) rate their view of Kennedy as Very Favorable, while only eight percent (8%) say they have a Very Unfavorable view of the senator.
    By contrast, more than half of Republicans (53%) view Kennedy Very Unfavorably, but then GOP voters really only like one of the top Democrats anyway. Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Republicans have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Lieberman, including 15% who say their view of him is Very Favorable.
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    IT s true that the Democrats love their failures. Look at the love fest they kept having with McGovern; then Mondale; Gore and Kerry. Seems like the only loser they do not love is Dukakis.
    Meanwhile the Republicans pretty much ignore their failures.

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