Why doesn't the NFLN ever air Cowboys' game of the week?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by thewivil, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Everyday, I see game after game reaired on the NFL Network, but never do they air the Cowboys. Today, they had five or six games, but of course, none feature the Cowboys.

    Do you guys know why this is or when they will air any Cowboys games?
  2. KD

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    Don't know but on a related note........

    NEW YORK -- NFL games will be replayed in a 90-minute format on NFL Network during the upcoming season.

    In the past, the league didn't allow full rebroadcasts. But beginning Tuesday, Sept. 12, "NFL Game Re-Airs'' will feature four of the best matchups from the previous weekend. Eliminated will be halftime and, according to a league announcement, "other elements not critical to the outcome.''

    But additional features, such as sideline and on-field sound captured during the game and postgame news conference sound bites will be interspersed within the broadcast. There also will be camera shots and angles from NFL Films that differ from those on the original telecast.

    "Fans have been asking us for years about encore presentations of our games,'' said Charles Coplin, NFL Network's vice president of programming. "For NFL Network, these rights are as significant as securing the new Thursday-Saturday prime-time game package.''

    Two games will be shown each Tuesday and Wednesday night. Games shot in high definition will re-air in HD. Which games will be re-aired will be announced Mondays.

    It will be the first time in league history that games from the NFL regular-season or playoffs will be shown outside their live window. The network expects to show 75 replays altogether.
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    The games of the week are re-runs of the same thing that they showed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays of the season last year. I would watch every week for a Cowboys match-up and we were hardly ever featured. That really used to p*ss me off because some of our games were by far the best game of the week.


    Week #1: upset on the final play of the game= no love

    Week#2 : upset in final two minutes (though not my favorite memory)= no love

    Week #3 : Last minute win in SF= no love

    Week #6 : Holding off late rally to win in OT (NYG)= no love

    Week #7 : Tight game w/Seahawks (another bad memory , but great game)= no love

    Week #10 : I beleive we did have the game of the week for this week (I know I have seen the replay on NFLN a couple of times)

    Week #12 : Turkey Day loss to Broncos (hell of a game)= no love

    Week #14 : Win over KC in a game with enough highlights on both sides to fill an hour's worth of Sportcenter moments = I believe this actually was a game of the week

    Week #16 : Unprobable win against the hottest team in the NFC at the time= no love

    The world hates us. LOL.

  4. MrMom

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    Probably has something to do with Parcells giving NFL Films minimal access to his sidelines.
  5. KD

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    Bias maybe? I remember when Ware had that 3 sack 3 forced fumble game and got no love from anyone in the media.

    That game was shortly after the love fest Merriman experienced shortly after his 3 sack game against the Colts.
  6. thewivil

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    Yeah I know, but I remember the Cowboys having two or three GOTW last season. But I've never seen NFLN air any of them during the offseason.

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