Why has BP failed to Win?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jrcowboys, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Don't have exact figures, but BP record for 3 years is approx 50-50. Why has it taken him so long to turn this team around? My toughts:

    -No quarterback in place as QC doesn't pan out-not sure if DB is the guy
    -Team lower on talent than BP realized
    -Injuries in critical positions
    -Lack of a true top notch staff of assistant coaches-OL coach changes is good example
    -Poor work ethic on team-example: LA out of shape and refusing to buy into BP weight training system
    -Poor scouting department and personnel acquisition system-relates to poor talent level when BP took over the team

    I think BP has vastly improved all these areas but it takes time and a little bit of luck. If everything falls right I think we have a chance to be a lot better, but it all depends on having some luck with injuries and some players maturing into solid pros.

    Odds are we will be better, but not at the super bowl level unless everything breaks right.

  2. Yeagermeister

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    A huge lack of talent when he first took over slowed down the rebuilding for at least a year.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    For the tin foil freaks out there.

    It is because he is still with the giants and only came here to hurt the boys.

    Don't laugh I have read those that really believe that.:(
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    Its hard to take this thread seriously...Parcells took a team that went 5-11 THREE years in a row and put up TWO winning seasons.

    I throw out the 2004 season because of losing the starting QB in TC.

    This year will be the first time the Cowboys have had the same starting QB in consecutive years, under Parcells.

    If the Cowboys end up with a winning record in 2006 and make the playoffs, which just about everybody expects, that would give Parcells 3 winning seasons in 4 years and 2 playoff seasons in 4 years...all that after those 5-11 seasons.

    I just don't understand the Parcells haters. :bang2:
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    He took over a team in termoil......and he is slowly fixing it for the long haul
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    As is always the case with Jerry Jones, there hasn't been a consistent plan since Jimmy Johnson left.

    The Parcells years have been no different.

    Although it looks as if the team has a similar plan between 2005 and 2006.

    But to my eyes, Jerry has zero patience for truly rebuilding...he's always been after the quick fix.

    Well, that quick fix mentality has seen the franchise go ten years without a playoff win.

    With Parcells, it's been a schizo combination of quick fix and rebuilding. And that mentality has lead to exactly what one would expect, mediocrity.
  7. Alexander

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    I vote for his gross overestimation of the talent off that 2003 playoff squad that returned and the 2004 draft. That set us back a few years, unquestionably. Had we not had the 10-6 season, I think we would have been more aggressive in free agency that offseason.

    Also, lowballing Bert Berry and Jake Delhomme in his first offseason didn't help either.
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    how do u look at QUINCY CARTER everyday for a year and some change and say "yeah thats my guy"....

    How do u look at Hambrick and say u are my starter?

    How do u look at guys like DAT DUDE, RIVERA and VINNY and say "I need u guys to lead my team"?

    the fact is BP won 10 games with Campos team... but there rcord v. teams .500 or better were about the same in the first 3 years!
  9. Hostile

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    2003...10-6, plus a loss in the plyoffs.



    Equals 25-24 record.
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    Parcells has been far less than perfect since his arrival here.

    His failure to develop over 4 offseasons, a competent O-line has severely hamstrung this team. One can certainly criticize the drafting of Rogers(2nd), Peterman(3rd) and Johnson(2nd) to a lesser degree. Even though we hope the O-line will be sufficient for 2006 it is certainly not a finished product. There is no one other than Adams who we can point to and say they will definitively be a quality starter for this team 2 years from now, barring injury. Pettiti (a 6th round pick who led the league in sacks allowed) is perhaps the closest we have, or Kosier who even though we hope for more has proven only to this point that he is a journeyman. Rivera, even if he bounces back, is what 33 yrs old? Its hard to argue that we are even in better shape now at O-line than when BP was hired.

    The QB situation looks promising short term. I think Bledsoe is certainly good enough, given protection. I honestly have no gripes about Bledsoe or Vinny before him or even Carter the year prior. I think each of those folks proved they could be at least competent given the proper support. We did win 10 games w/Carter and far less talent than we have now IMO. But we have no definitive future at QB here beyond Bledsoe who probably has 2-3 years left tops.

    But that is where my major criticism of BP ends. We have a DEFINITE present and future on defense be it the line, the backers, or secondary. Compared to O-line and QB we are embarrassingly rich on defense with mostly proven young front-liners and a host of backups that we think could be real players in the future like Watkins, Stanley, Ratliff, Pepper Johnson etc.

    Though TO & Glenn are admittedly past 30 they are at least top-quality today. Witten's a young star and high hopes for Fasano.

    The cap, it should be mentioned, is also in prime position right now. Shoot, we have more cap room than we can find quality FA's to spend it on. We've probably erred on the side of conservatisim if anything.

    But you can't separate Jones & Parcells either. I really believe they have done this as a team with each having their pluses and minuses. Neither has been perfect.

    But perfect isn't a realistic expectation. When perfect happens (or close to it) the guy got some breaks a la Jimmy in the 90's who couldn't come close to replicating it later in Miami.

    Not sure of what all Belichek inherited but I do know that org caught one huge break in a late round QB who became arguably the league's best.

    I doubt many would have done significantly better than BP in this situation. If turning it around in 3 years was easy everyone would be doing it. Its not.

    4 offseasons into his tenure here Parcells has improved QB, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, secondary, & PK. O-line is the glaring exception. I can live with that.

    Sorry for the rambling...:)
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    Because it's something that nobody wants to talk about, but it's the truth......going 10-6 in 2003 and putting the #1 defense on the field that season was the worst thing that has happened to this organization.

    Parcells wanted to change to the 3-4 from the get go, but he also wanted to win. So he stuck with the 4-3 scheme and it worked great in 2003. Meanwhile, he focused on rebuilding the offense.

    After 2003 the general consensus was that all we needed was a running back (Julius), a possession receiver (Keyshawn), and some help at right tackle (had Vollers and Tucker, drafted Rogers), a weakside DE (Wiley)

    Instead, there were a LOT more issues than that. Quincy couldn't be trusted and was cut...so now they have to find a QB. Julius got hurt, now they need RB depth. Gurode never developed at guard and Tucker, Vollers weren't the answer at RT and Rogers got hurt....so now they need to improve the right side of the O-Line.

    Woodson got hurt and it took starting Dixon to realize how awful he is...so now they need a safety opposite of Roy. Hunter got hurt, Donald Mitchell was never the same and was cut....so now they need CB's.

    Coakley and Nguyen were getting older. Wiley certainly wasn't the answer...so now they LB's and and weakside DE.

    So we went to appearing to only have about 3 needs that we assumed to be filled to having the following needs:

    -RB depth
    -RG and RT
    -Weakside DE
    -At least 2 CB's

    Come out of 2005, they attempted to address all of those in some form or fashion, but Flozell went down, Allen completely regressed, the right side of the O-Line was never figured out.....Davis wasn't the answer at FS, they replaced one LB, but couldn't find a replacement for Dat, and our kicking game stunk to high heaven.

    Hopefully they've got those issues straightened out somewhat coming into this year. But essentially the main problem is that once they've gotten a bunch of needs fixed, a bunch of new needs arise...usually due to unforseen injuries or age.

    The only need that Dallas hasn't made a good, reasonable attempt to fix is the O-Line. Coincidentally, that's probably been our weakest unit in the Parcells era.

  12. jackrussell

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    And for 1 milllllllion dollars, I'll pull Parcells back to New Jersey and you can save your team.

  13. koolaid

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    i think bp has done a great job turning a 'bottom of the league' franchise and steadily moving it up the ladder. last year was the most excited i have ever been to watch the boys in recent memory, nearly every game was an exciting battle. Now, im ready for playoffs.
  14. kartr

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    I agree on overestimating how good the defense was. Jake Delhomme lost to our team in the regular season when he had a useless Troy Hambone at rb. Had we got a real rb and a possession receiver, we would have swept them that year. The only reason we beat them last year, was Julius' 194 yards rushing, not Bledsoe.
  15. skinsscalper

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    Bill did the one thing that he's told his players never to do. He drank the Kool-Aid on the 2003 year. He quickly realized what it was that made him successful in previous coaching stints and the deviation from that plan was devestating once he bought into something that he didn't truly have any faith in. The result was a wasted year and a scar on the "Legacy of Bill". He wasted no time in doing an about face and began building this team the way he knew he should have from the beginning. We are, now, just starting to see the results of what should have been transpiring in 2004.

    I agree with some of the players' sentiments that BP will coach for atleast 2 more years. If for nothing else than to finish what he should have started two years ago.

  16. kartr

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    BP won with Campos team because Carter was the qb, who beat Jeff Garcia,Kerry Collins,Steve McNair,Kurt Warner in his first two years, that's why Parcells elevated him over Hutch. BP's record was 10-6 with Carter or 60% and 15-17 or 45% without him. That's a big difference.
  17. Mash

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    Parcell's failure was....

    He overestimated the talent on the team....and that is his fault....

    I think Bill is a very good head coach but I hate his game mangement.

    With all the cash we have and had......plus the assortments of draft picks I expected more.

    Bill also missed on some OL draft picks and FA signings.

    I think the team is headed in the right direction but IMHO I think alot of coaches could of done the same with the same tools given to them. Jerry has given Bill full control.....and a unlimited checkbook......

    I think Bill greatest asset to the team was in shaking up the personel that is responsiable for the draft.

    At the end of this season......we will know more....if this team fails to make the playoffs....or win a playoff game.....considering as some think we are a contender.......will Big Bill be questioned?......or will we refuse because of what he accomplished a decade ago
  18. skinsscalper

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    And Quincy Carter is playing for who now? The Allouttes of Canada? Oh, wait.....that's right, he couldn't cut it with them either. And he was competing for a back-up spot to boot......in Canada. Cut in the first week of training camp, if I remember right (sound familiar). Yeah, that's a real All-Pro, there, brainchild.

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    The Answer disagrees. Bledsoe is the reason we beat Carolina and many other teams. Carolina has a ferocious front seven and tried to copycat what Washington had done a week earlier with the aggressive blitz schemes.

    It appeared to work early as we fell behind 10-0 at Carolina, but then JJ was able to find open holes because so many defenders overcommited to try and pressure Bledsoe being the statue he is.

    And if The Answer wasn't a believer before that game, it was the clutch TD pass to Terry Glenn that made me realize Bledsoe is going to lead us to the promised land in 2006!

    ~The Answer
  20. Alexander

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    I wasn't aware that the true measure of a QB was the fact his team beat the opposing team's QB in the games they won.

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