Why is the press laying off Manning and his egg-laying?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Redball Express, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I love threads like this, this is where I shine.

    Any person(s) who is trying to compare Romo to Peyton should be not just banned from CZ, but banned from football. Dumbest thread of all time, and subsequent defense of the thread topic.
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    And quick enough feet to escape when necessary. Denver actually did a pretty good job of taking Marshawn out of the game, not sure how many yards he ended up with but I don't think it was much. Seemed Denver decided to key on Lynch and force Wilson to beat them, which he did.
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    1st off, Manning has been to 3 super bowls.
    Romo has been to ZERO.

    Manning has won a million playoff games
    Romo has won 1.

    You can't compare the two when one doesn't show up to the rodeo.

    In a Super Bowl, sometimes you come across a team that was just better.

    Peyton did choke, and has choked before. But the objective is to put your self in position to win, and he did.
    Peyton threw interceptions, he was rattled, he was nervous, and they as a whole thought they could get away with just running their stuff.

    Romo, chokes in the regular season. His name won't even show up in the playoff world where BIG BOYS play.

    Please Romo lovers, go back to your little pouches and hang on to your little regular season stats against woeful opponents and enjoy your regular season moral Romo victories. We have all summer long, I'm trying to stay in a decent mood.
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    Dunno, that first interception he threw was BAD -- felt the pressure and just chucked it up for an easy pick. I don't see Romo getting affected by a pass rush like that.
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    Payton didn't have a chance in hell in that game, anyone who blames him for the loss is a clueless as those who think Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson were better QB's than Dan Marino , Fran Tarkington and Jim Kelly because they have Super Bowl rings. Having said that I'm not a big Manning fan at all, but come on.
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    At least Manning half been to 3 Super Bowls and one won Super Bowl Lombardini trophy.

    Romo on the other hand is paid very well. . .
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    2 picks
    1 fumble
    1 missed snap

    2 near back-to-back INTs in the 3rd quarter.

    Total meltdown by the QB. Makes him look like his dad, except Peyton had some talent.
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    I thought P. Manning had one won Super Bowl?????
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    Really? That's probably my 2nd biggest criticism of Romo. He has happy feet and he ducks and chucks a lot. Dude gets rattled as much as anyone.
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    And with those calling Wilson a bus driver or game manager.. get real. The guy just does whatever he is asked to do to win games. If they wanted to put a lot more on his shoulders, I'm sure he can handle it. I have seen him put a lot of it on his shoulders before like in the playoffs vs. Atlanta in which they almost came back to win the game despite Seattle's defense. He threw for 385 yards, 2 td's, ran for 60 yards at a td. He can ball when he needs to and he knows how to protect the ball.
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    And I have my reasons..

    Archie pulled a huge gaff in my opinion when Eli came out in the draft.

    He announced that whoever had the #1 pick that year..

    ..and I forgot which team it was..

    Eli was not going t9 sign with them and he had already talked to the Jints about trading up for Eli.

    This is what happens.


    He goes to the Jints and twice the Cowboys have a shot at advancing..

    only to lose to Eli and they grab 2 SBs in like 3 years.

    So yes..I'm not too pleased with the Manning Arrogance's.

    Add Eli writing on the visitors wall at AT&T Stadium boosting they beat the Cowboys in the opening game.

    Pure no-class the Manning's.

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    No they may not.

    Is that something I need to be concerned about?

    Never knew that was a requirement around here.

    Who invented that by-law at the Cowboyszone?

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    I mean a second SB victory..

    like Eli, Brady, Aikman, Steve Young, Staubach, Montana,Rothensberger, and Bart Starr.

    People who say Payton is the greatest QB in history are just not educated about the subject.

    Johnny Unitas was a better QB than Payton Manning.

    Manning just lives in an era where the game is more about aerial circuses.

    Unitas called his own plays, was a better audibler and played against some of the toughest teams in the history of the game.


    Not so much.
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    Even Steve Young stayed away from digging on Payton.

    A guy that often tells it like it is.

    Terry Bradshaw had some interesting comments but he was being out-chirped by the rest of the Fox talking heads.

    Time will tell.
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    His team was a joke on offense before he got there. They added Wes Welker who is well past his prime and Peyton turns them into the highest scoring offense of all-time in just his 2nd season.

    Before then he gets injured while with Indy. Indy was not only a perennial playoff team, but they were a perennial double-digit winning franchise. They were known for their great pass protection and ability to run the ball on top of Peyton's passing attack.

    When he gets injured, the Colts go 2-14. They eventually draft Andrew Luck, considered to be the best prospect to come out of college since Peyton. And while Luck is very good, the offense is nowhere near as productive as it was under Manning. The running game is horrendous and Luck has to run for his life. Even as great as Tom Brady is, when he missed 2008 with injury, the Pats still went 11-5 with Matt Cassel.

    Tony Dungy should worship the altar of Peyton every single day. Without Peyton, Dungy's legacy as a coach is completely different. He wouldn't even be considered a great defensive mind given the success the Tampa defense had w/o Dungy and the joke of a defense the Colts were while with Peyton. It was so bad that when Peyton was injured, Jim Irsay decided to clean house from the coaches, GM and the defense....knowing that his Indy teams were built on a stack of cards all along and that they had Peyton to thank for bailing them out.

    And for all intents and purposes, Peyton is practically the team's O-Coordinator as well.

    I'm not even a big Peyton fan. But, his skills and legacy as a QB, along with how he has changed the game and practically did it by himself far outweighs one horrible loss to a great defense and a Seattle team that scored points on plays that had nothing to do with Peyton.

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    Peyton Manning is a class act IMO.
    On & off the field.
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    I thought he spelled it Peyton?

    I agree with you that among modern-day QBs, Manning be so-so and not among the elite.

    But the man called Johnny Unitas, he could not play in the modern NFL.
    The defense today be too fast, strong and quick and they would lay him out.
    I think ever decade has better players than the decade before.
    I think the man called Johnny Unitas could not even play well against a mediocre college team.
    Better to compare manning to modern day QBs.
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    ^ You're ranting about Eli, but it was Peyton that played.
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    I'm talking about the Manning's in general and Peyton in specific.

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