Why isn't THIS Cowboy in the HOF?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Silverstar, Dec 4, 2005.

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    Totally agree. Nothing against Jordan, but Howley could have easily won Super Bowl MVP two years in a row. It could be argued that his performance in Super Bowl VI was even better than in SB V.

    It's good to see people appreciating these great players of the 60's and 70's.

    Oh, and abersonc
    It's just a matter of time, isn't it?
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    Might of been Walt too.

    I know the same thing happened to Charlie Waters. Tex came to visit him for a recruiting visit, Waters makes a positive comment about Tex's shoes. Sometime later, Waters receives the same pair of shoes in the mail.

    Waters' First paycheck, a deduction for a pair of shoes.

    Tex Schramm was one cheap bastid.
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    Of all the non-hof-cowboys fans I think Harvey Martin is the biggest snub.
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    Howley could be a Trivial Pursit answer for eons. a singularity. the only Superbowl MVP named from the losing team...

    but he was no trivial player. the man flat turned into a demon come playoff time. i was just kid at the time - and the memory is still vivid with me. Howley was the original "49er killer"...
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    I never did understand why the 70s Cowboys were so under valued by the HOF. Jealousy by the voters. Too high a standard for a team with a 2-3 SB record. Coach Tom was the reason Dallas got there so often. None of it makes much sence to me. So I gave up on this debate a long time a go. Suffice it to say a Cowboys player has to be twice as good as the next best to be even considered. Three times as good to get in.

    The sad part is after three wins in the 90s will any of the boys get in.
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    Chuck Howley and Lee Roy Jordan were both inducted into the ROH.

    Howley was inducted in 75' and Jordan in 89'.

    Notice how quickly Howley went in, where it took Jordan 13 years after he retired.

  8. Maikeru-sama

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    That has no relevance

    Everyone knows Tex held a grudge against Jordan because of a vicious holdout back in 74....

    - Mike G.
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    Wasn't that the point you originally made, Mike? Jordan went in the ROH after Jones bought the team because Schramm would not put him in.

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