News: Why Jason Garrett's Fate Could Be Decided by a Fifth Round Draft Pick

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dart, Jun 18, 2013.

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    read the rest:

    COMMENTARY| Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has to make the playoffs in 2013 or he will be looking for a new job at the end of the year. Whether or not Garrett is the head coach of the Cowboys in 2014 will largely be determined by rookie running back Joseph Randle.

    The Cowboys drafted Randle with the eighteenth pick in the fifth round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Dallas entered the draft with major needs on the offensive line, at running back and in the secondary.

    The selection of Randle helps address the need at running back. The Cowboys could have selected Eddie Lacy from Alabama in the second round, but chose to pass on him and instead selected tight end Gavin Escobar from San Diego State.

    Lacy is a powerful runner and would have presented a nice contrast in style from current Cowboys' running back Demarco Murray. Randle and Murray both feature more of a slashing running style than the brute strength that Lacy presents.

    Randle had great production at Oklahoma State. He rushed for 1,417 yards and 14 touchdowns as a junior. As a sophomore Randle led the Cowboys with 1,216 yards with 24 touchdowns while averaging 5.8 yards per carry.

    Randle has solid size for an NFL running back at 6'0" 200-pounds. He declared for the draft early after completing his junior season at OSU.

    Have To Run To Win
  2. big dog cowboy

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    The Cowboys went 8-8 last year largely because of injuries. If all those guys were healthy we win much more than 8 games with the same running game.
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    The Cowboys lost most of their games last year because early on they couldn't pass the ball well enough and later on couldn't defend the pass well enough. However, I do agree we didn't stop the run all year well enough speaking in general and not about each specific game. However, I agree with BDC that much of that was because the defense was banged up.
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    not being able to run the ball really hurts in the Red Zone and especially inside the 10. When the D KNOWS you cannot run they sell out to stop the pass.
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    I don't think Garrett's fate is sealed by the running back. It's moreso his assessment of the o-line and what he chose to do about it. That was our biggest problem in running the ball.

    Also, I'm not sure he's gone if we don't make the playoffs but that is a different topic.
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    I could see JG being gone if they are not better than 8-8 this year...I still have a sneaky suspicion that Gruden is sitting in the wings (his contract is up after this season). They already have the defense that Gruden would want so the job would have to be very interesting for him...

    ...I hope that a deep playoff run makes the point moot....
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    :laugh2: :laugh1:

    any body but Gruden

    if hes first on the list

    I am the first one on the bus outta town
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    I agree. Heck we are top 6 in passing but 31st in rushing and 27th in rushing TD.
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    Yet another reason why I pay Yahoo no mind... :cool:
  10. RS12

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    Garrett's fate lies on the other side of the ball, Monte and the D IMO.
  11. Nirvana

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    Even before the draft Garrett expressed that they wanted a RB who was similar to Murray, so that no changes would need to be made to the scheme if Murray got injured. The contrast in Lacy was not desired. They got who they wanted and that's that.
  12. stasheroo

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    Very glad that somebody pointed this out..

    Thank you.
  13. Wood

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    Dallas lost most of their games for past 15 years because of a lack of identity. The # of injuries will fluctuate year to year as will personnel. What shouldn't fluctuate is how the team goes about playing football (its signature). When I watch Steelers they look like the same dam football team I have been watching my whole life. Same goes for Pats or Baltimore for better part of last 10 years. I think Jason is making some head-way with it but you really need strong leaders on the field to implement it. The players need to govern themselves and they need to be accountable for it. I would say on offense I don't see anyone yet who can do that job but Dez is flashing signs he could be that guy. On defense, I think Lee/Carter could be those guys.
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    Every team has injuries.

    Expect more of the same THIS year.
  15. CowboysYanksLakers

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    I think a healthy Murray is more important than a rookie running back. I understand people in organization really likes Randle's ability to find the end zone however Murray is the man.
  16. Redball Express

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    I can see why they passed on a guy like Lacy. Like MBIII, he's got punch at the point of attack but he's going to get beat up with his running style and he's not going to last 16 games.

    Getting Randle as Murray's bag caddy makes more sense. Anything that can keep Murray healthy after the 8th game is money in the bank.And Randle can get it done if healthy. No doubt.

    And we are going to be a passing team anyway. We don't have the OL and we don't know about this running game and OL. As the season plays out, if all remain healthy, you will see us run more.

    So get ready for Air Romo.

    Which I'm OK with.

    I want to see Romo call more of his own plays this year.

    He has to score more than 20 points a game each week while the defense sorts things out.

    :rolleyes:RedBaLL ExPreSS:rolleyes:

  17. Idgit

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    It's a question of the number of injuries, obviously, and not the fact that injuries exist. Whyever would you 'expect' a statistically aberrant number of injuries two years in a row?
  18. Dday22t

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    More like entire O-line and Defense
  19. Mactin

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    While I think there was a lot of reasons to why the Cowboys didn't make it to the playoffs. The running game is one of them and I hope it improves a lot now seeing Murry in full heath it might happen but I won't be surprised if he if injured this season.

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