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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by p_tubbs, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Well first off I'm a first time poster but a long time reader here. Not many days go by that I don't look at this site and read from the very informed post to the absolute comical ones. here is my attempt at a thought out mock draft.

    I believe if F. Cox is off the board at 14 we look to trade down a few spots to add value to our pick. While I beieve the like DeCastro and Barron I believe they may attempt to increase the value by trading down a few spots. I don't think the browns will trade up unless Tannehill is still on the board but for the sake of this mock I will say our trade partner is the Browns for their #22 & 37 overall picks. So at 22 Dallas selects:

    22- W. Mercilus(OLB) (in my opinion he is the best pass rusher of the draft)
    37- P. Konz-(C) (Immediate starter potential pro bowler)
    45- O. Charles-(TE) He's been linked to Dallas and he has playmaker written all over. It also would not surprise me if this pick was a RB or WR)
    81- L. Johnson-(CB) (Rob Ryan has already spoke highly of the kid so 2+2=Cowboys)
    113-R Broyles-(WR) (Excellent value at this point of the draft)
    135- R. Leary (OG) (Callahan personally worked him out)
    152- J. Chapman (DE or NT) )Best nose guard in the draft, doubt he last this long).
    186- C Gray- (RB) (If he's on the board this is an excellent pick)
    222- A. Henry (FS) value pick

    So there you go now pick it apart.
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    It isn't my ideal, but I see how it fits needs.
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    I second Hos. I just don't like mercilus or johnson that much.

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