Why Two Small Market Teams Voted NO

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by JackMagist, Mar 9, 2006.

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    From what I've read and waiting on details to come out to see if I am right. This is pretty much conjecture based on piecing together reports that I have read so if anyone has hard information to the contrary please post it.

    But I think I am beginning to see why it was two small market teams that voted against the deal. They (the small market guys) were trying to get straight across the board revenue sharing; give them the money and they would then give the 59.5 percent of that to the Salary cap (or lowball their players and pocket it) and pocket the rest. So under their plan they would pocket Jerry and Danny's money.

    But the way it went down (it appears) is that the big money teams pay into a pool that covers the salary's for the small market teams but does not funnel any additional money directly into the pockets of the small market owners. They still have to make their profits from the old revenue sharing that was already in place (TV deals and ticket sales) and from whatever they can get from their own local marketing.

    I also like that the big market teams apparently included some wording that the small market teams have to start doing a better job of generating local revenue for themselves. I'm not sure how that part will (or can) work but the true businessmen like Jerry are telling the Jerkwater bums like the Bidwells, Browns and Wilsons to shape up their organizations and make their own damn money.
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    I think Jerruh and Lil Danny should be allowed to form a marketing team that goes to the smaller market franchises, and does a better job pimping them.

    When I see a buffalo jersey in Phoneix. I'll know its working.
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    Which is the way it SHOULD be- contrary to the socialist/communist BS that the smalll teams were peddling.
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    i think you are about right. pretty smart idea, because some of these teams just are'nt ran worth a crap. look at green bay who is a small market, actually one of the smallest yet they are a high revenue team. then teams like the colts who have a rather large market make no local revenue. the nfl needs to put together a marketing plan for these small market teams and take the money and spend it for them so they can generate some revenue because they are either not capable or not willing to run an nfl team the right way
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    My friend Chris wears one. Though I bet not to his job.
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    Sounds to me like the put an end to the nfl welfare to some degree :thumbup:
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    Actually it was much simpler on Bills owner Wilson's part... remember... he is 87 years old...

    Bills owner Ralph Wilson said he voted no because he felt rushed and uneducated about the details.

    “I didn't like the way it was presented . . . to have to vote in 45 minutes on a very complicated proposal,” he said. “I didn't think it was the right way to handle things. It's a very complex proposal, and I really didn't understand it. I didn't think I was a dropout, but maybe I am.”
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    Marketing is very important, but it also helps to win and have an owner that can make decent decisions.

    You could provide the Cardinals with the greatest marketing team ever and still have a hard time generating revenues because they lack any semblance of winning tradition. It also doesn't stop the stupid personnel decisions they make and the fact that the owner still has a lot of incentive to spend as little as possible on his payroll.

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    According to reports, they had to drive Ralph Wilson down there because he didn't believe in airplanes.....as he put it "man ain't supposed to be inside some flying metal bird. Everybody knows that if you go faster than 30 miles per hour, you'll be ripped apart from the insides."

    Or something like that.

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    That's good stuff! I'm just picturing Wilson mumbling to himself about the deal as he exits and then flipping a quarter into Jerry's outstretched hand as he enters an elevator while exclaiming "there you go, sonny, go get yourself a stick of candy and a sody!"
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    I'll actually defend Wilson on this one. It sounds like they slapped something together at the last minute and he wanted more time to study the implications.

    You do have to remember that the Bills aren't exactly a laughingstock franchise and are very well run especially considering their small market status and up until recently the terrible exchange rate on Canadian dollars. A huge part of their marketing is to our neighbors to the North.
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    Im watched the whole thing- they showed about 2 minutes worth on ESPN News- and WIlson looked and sounded like a moron.
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    Yes, that is correct.

    Ralph Wilson voted no because he reads slow and got confused.:D
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    In the old system, small market teams shared in revenue from the television and apparael contracts. That is the majority of the money that all teams share equally. They all made money.

    There were a couple of options going into this new deal. Share all the local revenues equally or share a certain percentage of the local revenues. Either way the small market teams were going to make more money. They were going to gain even more revenues without having to do anything. Looks like they would win no matter which version was approved. Of course in my eyes, they were winning to begin with in the old plan.
  15. StanleySpadowski

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    The Bills have always been around the middle of the pack with regards to revenue and are usually in the top half in operating income so it's just as likely that the Bills will be paying in rather than receiving.
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    It's "small revenue," not "small market." The size of the city is certainly a factor in club income, but some owners don't try.
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    Well, there's no way of telling how NFL socialism will work out,,, my knee-jerk reaction would be that they are about to enter the downward spiral now enjoyed by bloated unions and Euro-peen nations, but the NFL is a different model not subject to dwindling birth rates or outside competition. The player's union also enjoys a monopoly situation, the only situation where they can survive,,, so, who knows, maybe this will work. I would submit though that at some point we, the taxpayers, will get fed up and turn the channel. Good grief, how many more commercials per game can we endure?!
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    Heck, let me know when you see a Cardinals jersey in Phoneix...LOL Then it may be working...LOL
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    I saw that last night. I thought it was funny. Most of those guys would never admit that they didn't understand something. I admired him for coming out and saying it.

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