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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by peplaw06, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. peplaw06

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    I'm thinking about buying the system so I can play Zelda.

    Is it worth it? Are the other games gimmicky or what? I think Tiger Woods would be cool, but the rest of the stuff? I don't know if I want to spend $300-400 for basically 2 games...
  2. the kid 05

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    honestly, if you have a gamecube, just get Zelda for that, I have the Wii, and its uh well very very kid-ish. zelda is egh on it.
  3. Danny White

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    One of my employees has one and she brought it in one friday and we all played it. She loves it, but she's a total Nintendo loyalist.

    I thought it was very clunky and that the motion technology was not very realistic.

    I golf a lot, and playing the golf game (not Tiger Woods, but the golf game that came with the system) was very disappointing. If you do anything resembling a real swing the ball takes off in crazy directions. The "touch" for putting was lousy as well. I found myself hitting 6 inch tap-ins 40 feet off the green. What you end up having to do is little wrist-flicks for every shot... but that's not much fun at all, and certainly not how the system is advertised.

    The boxing game was a little more fun, but still less fun than a standard boxing game on a regular system.

    The tennis game was ok, but that's only because I dominated the whole office at it. :D

    All in all, I found the whole thing to be gimmicky.
  4. masomenos

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    I think Zelda is terrific on the Wii. Everything feels very natural. Most of the games don't feel too gimicky although some (like WarioWare) are supposed to feel that way and are still a blast at parties. Can't comment on Tiger Woods, but it's a fun system and I can't imagine anyone who really likes gaming being disappointed with it.
  5. ChldsPlay

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    Zelda was aboslutely fantastic on the Wii. Wii sports in entertaining for a bit.
    Honestly though, I haven't really played the Wii much at all since I finished Zelda. Can't wait for Mario Galaxies to come out though. And Paper Mario might be worth a try.
  6. Dallas

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    Zelda Twilight Princess for the GAMECUBE

    Bought it - Finished it - Loved it.

    I still want to buy my son a Wii tho. He is 6 and loves seeing the commercials.

    We'll see.

  7. Achozen

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    I never played it but, I heard the WiiSport games are very addicting.
  8. Meat-O-Rama

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    We bought one for our kids in early January and have loved every bit of it. Wii Sports is probably the coolest game ever included with a system. It is more cartoonish than real, but it is still tons of fun. Aside from Wii sports, we have Super Monkey Ball (which was great on the gamecube but turned out to be a dud on Wii. More because it was poorly designed than anything) Madden 07 which is a ton of fun to play, Tiger Woods 07 which is also a lot of fun and much closer to the real thing. And Wii Play which is basically an extension of Wii Sports with a bunch of mini games.

    If you want a system that is a lot of fun to play and cheaper than the other options, go with the Wii. If you want a system that has killer graphics and online play, go with another console.
  9. Dallas

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    I pretty much only play the 360. They do not have enough kid games for my son tho.

    Ive been playing Oblivian again. Great game. Sooo addicting. Ha!

    Im a bad guy now. An assassin/thief

    Ive actually gotten away from the story line w/ this guy. I pretty much quest only.

    Great game

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