Will any Cowboys player sit for the anthem week 1?

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Chuck 54, Aug 4, 2017.

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    Mmmmmm. Elliott may be sitting...but for other reasons. No player would dare sit and rightfully so.
  3. dexternjack

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    I never said Jerry would get rid one of those guys but I do believe no Dallas Cowboy would call his bluff.
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    Uhhhh where did he actually say this?
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  5. dexternjack

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    I don't think he did, was a rumor. Even if false, it is no secret as to where Jerry stands regarding law enforcement.
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    Unfortunately for Kap, this is one of the reasons why he's still unsigned.
  7. bkight13

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    I think you are right about showing solidarity but I don't think it will be a flag protest....... probably a uniform fine or something not as political..... but it is not going away until he signs

    BAL is a very blue-collar town and the season ticket holders made it clear they wanted no part of Neil Kaepernick...... but Baltimore is also very proud to be the home of the Star Spangled Banner
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    this was Jerry's statement about Kap at the HoF....... 100% Jerryism

    “I feel that every team in the National Football League makes every decision on players to win the ballgame,” Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Saturday. “And so if someone is not on a team, I would say that for whatever the reason, the decision-makers on all 32 teams are trying to pick them to win. And so I accept that. And if they’re not out there, that’s why they’re not out there.”
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  9. zrinkill

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    Any Cowboys player that would disrespect the military and Country to support that POS is welcome to join him in the unemployment line.
  10. bkight13

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    Jerry from Sept 13th 2016

    Speaking on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday, Jones did not sound as if he condoned the acts of those who did take a knee or raised their fists.

    “I got to give a big pat on the back to our entire team, our coaching staff, our entire organization,” Jones told the Cowboys’ flagship station. “We strongly, strongly support the flag in every way we support -- and it’s almost ridiculous to be saying it -- the people who for generations and generations have given it all up so that we can get out here and show off in front of millions of people on television.

    "We respect that so much. That’s the real business. The forum of the NFL and the forum on television is a very significant thing. I’m for it being used in every way we can to support the great, great contributors in our society, and that’s people that have supported America, the flag, and there’s no reason not to go all out right there. And for anybody to use parts of that visibility to do otherwise is really disappointing.”
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    I'm pretty sure if Zeke, Dez or Dak sat, they would not be cut
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    Two tripple hammers???? :)
  13. ShortRound131

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    If you're so good why even reply? When you're me everyday is good and you know I'm a guy. Do the online thing that you wouldn't irl. I don't give a fill in the blanks if you and he rest of the folks dapping ever reply to me. I agree sometimes I don't and I comment both ways but I guess you're one of them folks that I disagree with alot so you feel some type of way. I don't care respond or don't won't change my experience or yours on here so eh.

    Y'all can't be real with your feelings just like loctimus and the rest so I hope y'all aren't like that irl cause that life has to suck.
  15. Denim Chicken

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    He didn't disrespect the military or the country.

    It's really telling how much some have been brainwashed that they will get so worked-up about some imaginary affront to an inanimate symbols yet barley utter a breath to real life issues that effect our military.
  16. zrinkill

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    Could care less what you think ......... I know what I saw and felt.

    If you don't like it put me on ignore ....... I will do the same.
  17. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Exactly. It might not effect some but it does effect others including people that served in the military. .. Millions of people many that are fans of the NFL. Kap never should have brought this into a sports event. The fact that so many are angry should tell you all you want to know about it. Many turn to sports to get away from this sort of stuff.
  18. LocimusPrime

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    Wow. I need to talk to the voters about that.
  19. LocimusPrime

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    It's all good bro...people can disagree. I've been reading the thread and it's ok to disagree on issues. We are all adults here and we all can agree that we love the cowboys! Go cowboys!
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    :omg: wow denim! I gotta say on the one hand that inanimate object of which you freely speak of is this NATIONS flag in battle and at peace,,,it don't change,political views,national level leadership and twisted logic Changes,,,but not the Flag,you wouldn't stand a snowballs chance if you were to express those similar views in an ironfisted dictatorship lead nation , but I know your a smart dude and you already know the odds are slim to none of pulling that off over in a country like that(North Korea comes to mind) and continue enjoying breathing,,, and that inanimate object of which is this nations national flag is carried, presented and displayed by a military color GUARD,,, ever see those left and right rifle bearing defensive ends on either side of that inanimate object? You might have inadvertently caught sight of them in the past and were just totally oblivious to what you were looking at,,,I understand bro!,,, while on the other hand I am absolutely thrilled and tickled pink that you reside in a country that allows you to continue breathing after expressing those views of which you hold,,,, not saying your views are right or wrong just saying their your views!
    ( there is a lot of things not right with the country, I'll be one of the first to say that and leave it at that)

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