Will Henson be at the June mini camp?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by scrives, May 23, 2006.

  1. scrives

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    I know it will be only a 10 day rest for him, but if he comes he will have till july before he has to show up again.:starspin
  2. Jarv

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    He'll be there unless Romo books him on a slow boat from China....
  3. RCowboyFan

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  4. scrives

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  5. TheHustler

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    His NFLE season is over, don't see why he wouldn't be there, it's just a mini camp, won't over work him.
  6. CrazyCowboy

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    That is pretty funny right there, ahh..naw, that is really funny! :laugh2:
  7. adbutcher

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  8. Mr Cowboy

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    The better question is will Romo be there?

    With all his golfing activities this offseason, he probably has forgotten the playbook, hasn't thrown a pass or worked out in anyway. He has probably gained weight, picked up a bad smoking habit and if he is a true golfer, is probably drinking a lot of beer.

    That bastid should be concentrating on football 24/7.
  9. Waffle

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    At this point, I'd be more worried about the Mroz kid if I were Henson. Romo appears to be totally entrenched at #2. We'll see how it all plays out.
  10. NorthDalal

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    It'sd become painfully clear to me that backup QBs assessment to some are a microcosm of how people see themselves in the world.(Small school guy, big school guy etc.)

    Romo is no more entrenched than Henson. Romo was 2nd only by rumor on the depth chart since Bill chose not to play him.

    I did watch Henson's NFL Europe games (some, not all) I'm initially impressed with his feel for the rush and his ability to deliver the ball under pressure and I'm further impressed by his ability to hang onto the ball 'til the last minute.

    He was far superior to Tommy Chang(who is also under NFL contract) on the Rhein team and the number of drops from Zuriel Harris, Samp and the rest of the Rhein spares they ran out at WR after Harris was injured.

    Henson had a good spring and is more capable of competing in live action now, he's shown some NFL QB skills and has more work to do.--there's not alot more you ask for from NFL Europe.
  11. GhettoxCowboy

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    i got a question? why all these threads about henson? i mean what has he ever proven in the NFL? welln its jusy MO. i don't think he is a good QB. and trust me, im probably, the biggest cowboys fan, here in LA.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    I would love to read your explaination of this.
  13. BigDFan5

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    Because we are on a Dallas Cowboys forum and he is a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

    More than Romo, Might I also mention that it always seem to be Romo fans calling people names like "Henson lover" when most Henson fans think he deserves a shot, yet Romo supporters have little nickname like "the italian stallion" and yet they aren't frequently called out as romosexuals

    ummm if you say so.

    Can you tell everyone here your qualifications to make this assement?

    Every fan thinks they are the biggest fan.
  14. BigDFan5

    BigDFan5 Cowboys Make me Drink

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    well obviously because he was #2 in name last year, I mean we all know the #2 job is not up for grabs, once you are placed there you are "entrenched"
  15. JackMagist

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    Actually Romo was 2nd by assertion...Bill Parcells' assertion...there was no rumor to it. As far as being entrenched at #2 I would say that is overstating the case. I do feel that it is his job to lose and he will be hard to unseat if he continues as he was last TC. But he is by no means so entrenched that superior play from Henson could not move him out of the #2 spot.

    I have to say that Henson has made great strides since last TC and NFLE has helped him a great deal. The competition for the #2 job this year should be a lot closer than it was last year.
  16. JackMagist

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    Ok I agree with most of your post and would say the post you were replying to didn't actually deserve a reply.
    But this statement I have to take exception to.

    I have seen Romo supporters belittled every bit as much as Henson supporters...the Romosexuals and Romo's Homos tags are thrown about quite regularly. AS best I can tell both players have roughly the same number of supporters and I have not seen one side take the higher moral ground. Both sides use insults when stats and logic fail them. I am a supporter of both players and would like to see them both do well and may the best man win. So for the most part I stay out of these pissing contests about them. But to start claiming that one side shows more class or does not stoop to the same childish tactics is simply not accurate.

  17. BigDFan5

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    I should have had a rider on my comment. My comment refers to, you do not see multiple thread started by Romo haters saying he needs to be cut, bring back quincy instead of Romo, he sucks why is he on the team blah blah blah. Yet we see these threads about Henson from the usual suspects pretty much every week. In those threads when it gets heated and the names start flying yes, Henson fans may reply. But from what I have seen it never starts with the Henson fans
  18. Waffle

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    Well, he was #2 for at least half of 2004. He was #2 all of 2005. I'm not saying he is a lock to keep the #2 for 2006, but I'd say the word "entrenched" isn't much of a stretch considering his #2 status during most of the last two seasons.
  19. Waffle

    Waffle Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

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    With all due respect, Romo was #2 because Henson was offically designated as the "Emergency QB" for every game last year. That makes him #3 no matter how you slice it. Don't get me wrong, I'm for the best guy at #2 whether it's Henson or Romo. I just don't think I was making an extreme statement that Romo is "entrenched" at #2 based on the fact that he was listed that way on the depth chart for EVERY game in 2005.

    It's Romo's job to lose at this point.
  20. littlewebs

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    Yes it is his job to lose, but I definitely don't think he should be too comfortable. I think Henson has just as good a shot as Romo for the #2 job this year. But hopefully this year we could get by no backup and have it not matter. I think the one feeling we all share is that we absolutely don't want Bledsoe to get hurt.

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