Will Newman Hold down his spot?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BHendri5, Jul 30, 2005.

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    Hmmmmm... I never thought about that. Good tip.
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    Not to mention this guy is in Iraq, I'm sure he isn't as exposed to Cowboy news as we are. sheesh give him a break
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    He's home now.
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    Truth is, any NFL QB can play pitch and catch with any NFL WR with ease, regardless of who is covering on the play - when there is no one rushing the passer and the passer is allowed to drop back, step, and throw basically flat footed.

    Can not evaluate pass coverage in such situations. Let's please wait until the passers are under actual duress.
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    As Usual the fellow astronauts, are astronauts. But a few of you understood exactly what I was talking about. Newman has been in the 3yrs now this season will be his 4th, for 3yrs now Newman has had good coverage on WRs, I mean the guys is always right there, but he never makes a play for the ball or he loses track of the ball while it is in the air, whatever the case the WRs are always making the reception and he is just there. He makes the tackle most of the time afterwards.

    But he should have more INTs, and he will when starts being aggressive. Just like one other poster said, the rap on Newman is he lets the rcver catch the ball too many times when he is in perfect position to knock the ball down or intercept the ball.

    Practice huh, well if he is still doing that in practice going into his 4th season then he most likely will be doing all season again.
    But like another poster said he has a new Secondary coach and he also have Henry and Glenn to help him out that is more than enough help and Knowledge. Everything starts with practice.

    One of my old coaches, plus Walter Payton said it, Irvin has said it too, how you practice is how you play in the game.

    Allen Iverson's line is just another reason why I do not like him and he most likely will not win a championship, until he realizers that practice matters.

    So hopefully one of those 3 guys talked to Newman after practice yesterday.

    I know WRs will catch balls over even the best DB, but not on a consistent basis, not like they catch them over newman.

    But he always has good coverage.
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    Fair enough. But how about practice in "live situations" first? Noncontact drills (in this case) and 7-on-7s aren't really there to evaluate DBs. I also believe strongly in practice and its importance. Certainly, I do not subscribe to the AI approach to practice. Hell no.

    It's just tough for me to worry over something like that yesterday. In fact, I do not. And I have been critical of the guy in the past.

    Oh, and this will be Newman's third season. :)
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    Sorry, can't get worked up over a single mention of a pass caught in drills. Especially not enough to start a thread with a title like the one here. Now as for the mention of how Newman has played, a lot of that has to do with scheme. We've been a man coverage team for the most part, with a massive amount of blitzes two years ago and very little competent safety play last year. As a result our CBs were unable to play the ball as it would prove disastrous should they attempt an interception and have the WR make the catch - leaving them out of position with no deep help and probably allowing a long, and easy, score. And in spite of that Newman has still done a pretty good job. He was very solid two years ago, and very solid again at the end of last year. He had a few bad games in the beginning, although they weren't nearly as bad as some would like to believe. He also played last year with virtually no pass rush support.

    Sorry, but I think your thread is a massive overreaction to essentially nothing.
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    Not even going to respond to this thread.
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    Different season, new hot button to get reactions.

    Move along, nothing to see here.
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    I think we just did Fletch.

    However, in general, I would say that out DBs do not play the ball enough.
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    Ok, I understand how you view this issue, cool.
    It seems like Newman has been here 3 yrs already, I forgot he was drafted in 03, I thought he was drafted in 02.
    I hope you understand my view, anythime you line up in your position, in my mind you should be working on perfecting your technique, skill etc.
    Whether it is 7 0n 7 , 11 0n 11, no contact etc.
    I have a habit of looking at things the way I would see or do things.

    I apologize, for thinking that Newman should take every opportunity he gets to work at being the best he can at his position. (I'm not being sarcastic or anything like that)

    It is a sincere apology to the board and all the members.

    Oh, I'm not over reacting and I'm not worked up, because we have Henry and Glenn, and the rookies from last year, I liked their aggressive play so I'm not worried about Newman.

    That just came to mind after reading that post last night.
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    He could have done everything right and still given up the completion. Sometimes the other guy just makes a play. If Newman was looking at the WR and the WR was looking at the ball, he'd have a much better chance to adjust to it no matter how it was thrown. If there was no safety help, if there was no pass rush, how can you possibly judge whether or not Newman was doing a good job based on ONE completion? We simply don't have enough information to even begin to guess what happened on the play, which is why we can't draw any conclusions or even theorize based on what we know. Which is simply that Newman was covering a WR, the ball was underthrown, the WR adjusted and made the catch... That's it, nothing more. To suggest that Newman might lose his job, based on that little bit of information, is premature to say the least.
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    Here are the multiple choice answers:

    A: Anthony Henry - will man the corner opposite of Newman
    B: Aaron Glenn - primarily a nickel DB
    C: Lance Frazier - shown flashes of potential, but flashes only
    D: Bruce Thornton - has not shown enough to threaten Newman
    E: Nathan Jones - see Bruce Thornton
    F: Jacques Reeves - see Bruce Thornton
    G: Lenny Williams - camp fodder
    H: Injury

    "How could Newman lose his spot?"

    The answer is "H: Injury".

    Final answer.
  14. BHendri5

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    From my experience of playing DB, and I have played all positions in the Secondary, as a corner I was taught that when the WR looks back for the ball you look for the ball too.

    That is the Key, right there. The WR cannot make the reception if he does not look for the ball and the DB cannot make the INT if he does not look for the ball.
    You can have all the speed and technique in the world to run with the WRs but that does not help you if you do not know how to locate the ball in the air or make a play for it as well, When the ball is in the air it belongs to anyone, you have to have the mentality that it is your ball and go and get it.

    I just think that Newman lacks aggression, lack of pass rush, man to man or zone defense, if you are right there when the ball comes make a play for it or knock it down.

    You say it is just one practice, but practice is where it starts and that means day one, actually it starts the minute the last game of the previous seasn ends.

    According to BP, everyone has to win his spot every training camp, so it is easy to suggest that someone can lose their spot.

    No starter has a lock on their spot per BP. I just posted a thought, Newman can be beat out, the only person I can right now is Glenn, if he comes in and shows that he can still do some things well, do not think for a minute that BP will be afraid to put him in front of Newman.

    I posted nothing to get anyone bent out of shape. This is ;TC a fresh start for everyone all spots are open for competition, am I right?
  15. DallasEast

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    Last season, Newman was nagged by injuries. I also believe that Parcells and Zimmer have asked Newman to defend conservatively up to this point. Until now, Newman knew that his role was to help prevent the big pass play. Should the new additions to the defense and/or scheme provide enough of a pass rush to rattle the quarterback, I see Newman becoming more aggressive in creating turnovers--which is something Parcells is preaching strongly about this offseason.
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    Really? Parcells and Zimmer told Newman to be conservative, do not go for the ball if you are in the perfect spot to intercept the ball, we do not care about the 10, 15, 20, etc. yard receptions, just no TDs.

    Now I get the picture.
    You guys are right, he has nothing to work on he is the best at his spot right now just like he is.

    I stand corrected.
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    Someone is putting words in our mouths....
  18. DallasEast

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    Can you name each instance last season where Newman was in perfect position to either knock down or intercept the pass and not give up the big play? Let's remember that last season, Newman couldn't depend upon Darren Woodson to protect deep should he have misjudged the pass and/or his athletic ability (he was playing injured in the first half of the season) failed him in covering his receiver.

    Yes, Newman and the rest of the teammates were playing a conservative 'bend don't break' defense last season. Or at least that's what I remember. Do you remember the defense being all that aggressive last season? Do you want the GROZ crew to chip in here???
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    very well put
  20. BHendri5

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    Are you saying that Newman did not have good coverage last season? And that everytime a pass was caught on him he was beat? No team was afraid to throw at him, I know you are not suggesting that, or are you?

    I recall it being said that Newman played the first part of the season injured, do you recall what that injury was? I do not remember what his injury was, it did not seem to be his legs because he was right there with the WRs 90% of the time and the 10% he was just flat out beat.

    You bring up the defense as a whole, but I'm talking about one man and pride in his coverage ablilities and defending passes.

    AS I have said you guys are right, so I gues we can talk about another position, like our WRS? DTs? Gs? Tackles? Nah lets stick with the skill positions, those are the ones I have experience with.

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