Will Smith

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by guag, May 10, 2014.

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    No info on him at NFL.com.

    Nice name.
  2. Kaiser

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    Funny, one of the guys I thought would be one of our 7th rounders. 6'2" 230, 4.6 guy who will play the Will for us and has some upside.
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    Good call, Kaiser!
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    Blind Pig/Tasty Acorn ratio.
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  5. Kaiser

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    STRENGTHS: Good length with growth potential to add bulk to his frame…quick first step and initial burst…long striding speed and accelerates well, showing good chase speed and aggressive angles – relentless in pursuit…nice job getting low and finishing tackles – mean striker and looks to impose his will with a determined attitude…alert and locates quickly to flow well with the action…active and energetic style with aggressiveness blitzing the pocket…good experience dropping in pass coverage and was given more and more responsibilities over his two seasons at Texas Tech (24 career starts)…athletic bloodlines – father played football at New Mexico, mother played basketball at California Baptist…played on ST coverage and consistently made plays…excellent senior production with a team-high 120 tackles (3rd in the Big 12) and 4.5 sacks.

    WEAKNESSES: Lean frame and lacks ideal muscle definition…lacks the core or limb strength to overwhelm blockers with little shock in his hands…plays too upright and will be put on skates with his shaky anchor – too often caught in reverse wherever blockers want to take him…streaky anticipation and is more of a see-ball, get-ball type…needs to better protect his body to shed blocks, struggling to sift through the trash…choppy pedal with some ankle stiffness in his cuts…needs to do a better job getting his head turned in coverage – often caught with his back to the QB…inconsistent tackling form and will slide off ballcarriers, needing to better square up his target…ends up hand fighting too much…undisciplined and will attract penalties – too many personal foul and unnecessary roughness flags on his resume…only two years at the FBS level.
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    Height: 6021
    Weight: 231
    40 Yrd Dash: 4.59
    20 Yrd Dash: 2.73
    10 Yrd Dash: 1.62
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 17
    Vertical Jump: 37 1/2
    Broad Jump: 09'05"
    20 Yrd Shuttle: 4.53
    3-Cone Drill: 7.04
  7. Gaede

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    I actually like this guy. Don't know if he makes the team, and everything I've read has been so-so, but he looks good to me.
  8. Biggems

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    I can't wait for him to get jiggy with it against opposing offenses
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    He wasn't in the draft guides I've seen, but I dug up some interesting tidbits from another website.

    Smith was born and raised in a neighborhood of West Philadelphia. After an altercation (RKG?) with two individuals, his mother sent him to live with a wealthy auntie and uncle in Bel-Air, California. Since then he's saved the planet from aliens and robots on more than one occasion, as well as some vampires…or infected mutants…a little fuzzy on that. Can do a really good Muhammad Ali impression. Has known Martin and Lawrence for several years. Strangely, no football background but he did caddy for Matt Damon. Scouts described his work as 'magical' but also 'really embarrassing and pretentious'. Hasn't done much since 2007 or so, which is troubling.

    Strange pick but maybe he can develop!
  10. theSHOW

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    can he play SS?
  11. xwalker

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  12. ThreeandOut

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    Will Smith is pretty good, but I really wanted his teammate Carleton. That dude's a beast!

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