Winslow Sr.: 'I'm disappointed' in media

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    Winslow Sr.: 'I'm disappointed' in media
    Associated Press
    Posted: 9 hours ago

    INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (AP) - Injured Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. made his first public appearance since his motorcycle crash, and his father used the occasion Friday night to lambaste the media for its coverage of the accident.

    The 21-year-old Winslow tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee when he wrecked his high-powered motorcycle May 1 while doing tricks in a secluded parking lot near his home. He will miss all of next season.
    Winslow Jr., who missed 14 games as a rookie with a broken right leg, will undergo surgery in the next few weeks.

    Shortly after arriving at an auction and roast celebrating the Browns' 1964 NFL championship team, the former first-round pick, who didn't limp, said he didn't want to talk to waiting reporters.

    "No," he said politely. "I'm good."

    Kellen Winslow Sr., who drove his son to the event and escorted him into the hotel, initially said he would not comment, either. However, a few hours later, the Hall of Famer changed his mind.

    The former San Diego Chargers star angrily accused the media of turning the younger Winslow's accident and recovery into a spectacle.

    "I'm disappointed in the way you guys have handled it. Twenty-one-year-old people make mistakes," he said. "He made a mistake. You made it a circus. Remember when you were 21? A human being at 21 makes mistakes. He's not a piece of property."

    Winslow Sr. was asked if he expected his son to make a full recovery.

    "It's a long career," he said. "I played nine years in the National Football League. Technically, I played six years - two strikes, two major injuries and I came out OK. We look at it as a long-term career.

    "You guys look at it as a moment in time and you blow it out of proportion. This Jerry Springer mentality of journalism, you guys are better than that. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Presidents make mistakes. Senators make mistakes. Journalists, if you still call yourselves that, make mistakes."

    As his father was speaking in the hallway, Kellen Winslow Jr. was inside the ballroom listening to a speech by Hall of Fame Browns running back Jim Brown.

    Because Winslow Jr. breached a "dangerous activities" clause in his contract by getting hurt while riding a motorcycle, the Browns may try to recoup some of the bonus money they have paid him.
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    Boo freaking hoo. Maybe if your dopey kid would not have hired a couple of dopey agents who make him look bad as well and not acted like he was the Second Coming maybe they would cut him some slack. Incase you forgot Kellen, it's the NFL. This is big time with big time spotlights. If you don't want your kid subjected to it then I suggest you get him into another line of work. Like maybe motorcycle stunt driving.
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    I completly agree with cajun.This is the NFL and it's not like the media is soley picking on Kellen Winslow Jr.,they do this to all major athletes.When you enter the pros it's just something you have to deal with.If you can't handle it then get out.

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