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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by NorthTexan95, Jul 17, 2006.

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    My wife and I are about to start building a new house in far north Edmond, OK but we won't have access to the local cable company. I'll have to make the Direct TV / Dish TV decision at some point.

    The bigger problem is high speed internet access. Both myself and my wife use it for work so dialup is not an option. As I said we won't have access to cable internet and I'm sure we'll be too far out for DSL (though I'll double check that).

    So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestion about a wireless internet company. I've seen a few companies which will put a small direct tv like dish on your house for access but they seem to be small companies which worries me a little.

    Anyone have any experience or ideas about this?
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    I personally would go with Directv there is no comparision plus you could get the Sunday Ticket. As for the internet access Directv have an internet service also. I don't know how good it is though. Hope this helps.
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    DirectTV is hella expensive for net, I looked into but dont remember the prics, justthat it was wayyyyyyy too high
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    Doing some research today it appears Direct TV satellite is now called Hughesnet and it's actually a pretty good deal for a satellite connection. Satellite internet can be fast download but very slow upload and can be interrupted by bad weather. It also appears there are issues if you want to share the bandwidth with a home network but I'll have to research that more.

    Depending on the area, a step up might be Sprint Broadband Direct which basically uses cell phone towers. You can get excellent download (same horrible upload) but you share the bandwidth. So if a lot of people in your are using it your connection can really drag and even drop. The reviews I've read seem to indicate it's kinda a hit or miss whether your area might have lots of problems or have a good service. Your connection can also suffer from bad weather.

    Both of these alternatives are a step down form cable or DSL. I would much prefer the stability of cable or DSL (plus, I already have the needed modem). It's hard to research what my area will have since it such a new addition but I do have about six months before the house will be complete so I have time.

    If anyone else has any ideas or suggestions feel free to add them.
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    Satellite internet would be the best bet probably.

    There are also often times small phone companies with good internet service that serve a small area. Check your local listings.
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    That line made me laugh. :)

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