Wireless worm appears

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    Wireless worm appears
    BY Michael Hardy
    June 16, 2004 Printing? Use this version.

    "You can take it with you" [Federal Computer Week, April 5, 2004]

    "The Bluetooth wireless office: Fact or fiction?" [Federal Computer Week, Feb. 9, 2004]
    A newly detected worm spreads among mobile phones using the Bluetooth wireless technology, according to security firm F-Secure.

    Called Cabir, the worm targets phones that use the Symbian Ltd. Series 60 operating system, according to F-Secure officials. When a user unwittingly installs the worm on a phone, the malicious code activates and starts looking for other Bluetooth devices to infect. It sends itself as a file called caribe.sis, which the user must accept and install to activate the worm.

    Cabir is the first mobile phone virus to be detected, according to F-Secure officials. Although it does not appear to cause any damage, it shows that virus writers have the ability to attack phones, said Matias Impivaara, business manager of mobile security services at F-Secure.

    "If a person with an infected phone was walking through a city center during the busiest afternoon jam, thousands of others could be infected," Impivaara said. F-Secure officials tested the worm in the company's "bomb shelter," a secure room, to keep it from spreading, he said.

    "I've never heard of anything like that before, but I do think it's a serious threat," said Warren Suss, president of Suss Consulting Inc. "Agencies more and more are looking to wireless as a way to add redundancy and survivability to their networks. A threat like this could be very serious."
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    Never heard of it ... what does it allegedly do ...other than install itself?
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    I'll be glad when these people get a life and stop trying to ruin mine.
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    Sounds like it does nothing..which in itself is nothing to worry about....the part that these guys or cell phone users should worry about is the idea that these programmers have found a way to easily infect other phones....once they got that part figured out then they can add any other code to do many different things.

    First test it to see if it can be spread...once it can (and spread easily) then add the bad stuff to it.

    There could be many different things a good programmer could write viruses on the phones for down the road.

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