Witten, Glenn, and First Down %

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    After reading the post about % of a receiver's catches that went for first downs, I got to wondering how Glenn compared to the rest of the league. He doesn't compare well, but that's because there haven't been as many balls thrown his way as there have been to Terrell Owens, for example. So I decided to go by how many times a certain receiver is the target of a pass. No surprisingly Owens leads the league in "passes thrown to" with 68. But only 26 of those passes have been caught for first downs (38%). Glenn's % is much higher.

    Here are the top ten receivers, according to "first downs per times thrown to." (minimum 20 receptions)

    1 Gates SD 61%
    2 Witten DAL 55%
    3 Johnson CIN 55%
    4 Moss WAS 51%
    5 Engram SEA 50%
    6 Jackson SEA 50%
    7 Glenn DAL 49%
    8 Boldin ARI 49%
    9 Smith DEN 48%
    10 Smith PHI 48%

    Holt STL 39%
    Owens PHI 38%

    Keyshawn, with only 19 catches (not enough to qualify for the list), is at 33%

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