Woo-Hoo had a great draft today!

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by jcollins28, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Well here is what I was able to pull off at my EASports.com league.

    1 Clinton Portis RB Renegades
    2 Domanick Davis RB Renegades
    3 Rudi Johnson RB Renegades
    4 Chris Chambers WR Renegades
    5 Chad Pennington QB Renegades
    6 Justin McCareins WR Renegades
    7 Alge Crumpler TE Renegades
    8 Dallas Cowboys DST Renegades
    9 Reggie Williams WR Renegades
    10 Quentin Griffin RB Renegades
    11 Julius Jones RB Renegades
    12 Mark Brunell QB Renegades
    13 Jason Witten TE Renegades
    14 Bobby Engram WR Renegades
    15 Billy Cundiff K Renegades

    I stacked up on R/B's late in the draft and I have an offer for two trades already. I have one team who is offering me Randy Moss for Portis and another team offering Culpepper for Portis.

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