Woods Mock Draft 1.0 on March 1st 2009

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Mar 1, 2009.

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    1. Roy Williams (SS) is cut/traded
    2. Dallas picks up 1 CB/S in FA
    3. Dallas picks up 1 DL in FA
    4. Dallas gets 2 comp picks this year

    Round 2
    P Chung, Oregon, SS
    From Day 1, P Chung can man the SS position for the Cowboys and is an instant starter. In addition, he should be a great Special Teamer. JJ has mentioned several times now how important it is for 2009 to improve STs.

    Round 3
    D Beckwith, LSU, ILB
    Beckwith can complement Brooking at ILB, initially on passing downs covering RBs and TEs. Eventually Beckwith will take over for Brooking and we will have 2 LSU ILBs starting for the Cowboys. In addition, like Chung, Beckwith should be an excellent Special Teams player.

    Round 4a
    L Sidbury, Richmond, OLB
    Sidbury already has the size at 266 lbs., and he has very good speed (sub 4.7 sec. in the 40). What he does not have is experience. I am assuming Ellis is around for 1 more season and Sidbury does not need to be rushed. In time Sidbury should be a good pressure player for us. And again, a potentially excellent STs player for us.

    Round 4b
    R Bomar, Sam Houston State, QB
    Kitna is a 2-3 year solution. That is sufficient time for Bomar to get up to speed and eventually take over for Kitna.

    Round 5a
    L Vasquez, Texas Tech, OG
    He's massive, strong, and should fit right in. With Berger gone, Vasquez easily fits in and upgrades the position.

    Round 5b
    Myron Pryor, Kentucky, DT
    Pryor splits a few reps at NT as a rookie. He has good size and is disruptive. Good motor. We could look at a few different NT/DTs here, but I think Pryor may offer the most versatility in being more than just a run plugger.

    Round 5c
    Mike Thomas, Arizona, WR/KR
    Frankly said, we need a punt returner, and Thomas could step in right away. Additionally, our current WRs are all tall and big. At 5-8 and 195 lbs., Thomas is more quick and elusive. We can also use him in the slot. He runs sub 4.50 as well. While Thomas may never be a number 1 or number 2 WR in the pros, he can add value on STs and playing the slot as a number 3 down the road.

    Round 6a
    Jari Word-Daniels, Georgia Tech, CB
    At 6-0 and nearly 200 lbs he has good size. He could initially play STs and be groomed as a number 3 or number 4 CB down the line.

    Round 6b
    Stephen Hodge, TCU, SS
    Hodge is 6-0 and about 235lbs and runs a 4.49 40. He is a top STs guy. I thought he could not only provide depth at SS, but given his tremendous size, he could also play some LB in nickel situations. In other words, the role JJ/Wade were considering for R Williams. In the meantime, Hodge could be a great STs guy for us.

    Round 7a
    Ra'Shon Harris, Oregon, DT/DE
    Harris is currently a DT, but in Wade's defense he moves to DE. He is 6-4" and weighs 298 lbs, runs just under a 5.0 40, and he is pretty strong (28 reps). He's got good size and athleticsm for a 3-4 DE. Within 1-2 years, he could easily replace guys like Bowen, for example.

    Round 7b
    Jorvorskie Lane, Texas A&M, FB
    At 6-0 and weighing 275-285 lbs and running around a 4.75 sec 40, he is a load. While he had a good 2007, he had a poor 2008 outing. As a FB, Lane can also run and catch. He had 12 rec in 2007, for example. If motivated, I think Lane can be used in a variety of ways. Goal line, short yardage, etc. I think this is a player with a lot of upside, and in Round 7, that's what you look for. If we are going to run the ball more this season, a big, athletic fullback is useful.
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    Don't see us using a 4th on a QB at this point. Overall, pretty solid, imo.
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    solid, I like it
  4. DaBoys4Life

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    Same although I don't know if Beckwith goes in the 3rd he might be a 2nd round draft pick.

    I would like this draft I don't like the assumption of cutting RW =/.
  5. Woods

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    I basically made that assumption given all the rumors of us trying to trade him, etc.
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    Id rather Johnson or Smith over Chung, but Id have to sign up for that.

    Few more linemen wouldnt hurt either

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