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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Woods

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    - We re-sign Hamlin and Flo
    - We sign a 2nd tier WR in FA to replace Glenn. (We use FA rather than the Draft to replace Glenn.)

    - Julius Jones, Reeves, and K Davis are all gone in FA.

    Round 1
    A. STEWART/RB/Oregon Either Mendenhall or Stewart at RB. I think Mendenhall will be gone, so we end up taking Stewart. MBIII and Stewart give the Cowboys a dynamic 1-2 punch.

    B. A Talib/DB/Kansas
    Nickel CB who can start after another year.

    Round 2
    J Otah/OT/Pitts (if he's gone, C Williams OT Vanderbilt) Eventual replacement for Flo, and he competes against D Free. Could also play RT. We continue to build our OL.

    Round 3
    O Schmitt/FB/WVU Could instantly become a starter. Suddenly, our backfield is powerful with Schmitt blocking and MBIII and Stewart running the ball. Schmitt can also be used as a H-Back after some seasoning.

    Round 4
    J Leman/LB/Illinios
    Leman plays behind Adeyole and challenges him after a year.

    Round 5
    M Griffen/S/Texas Griffen adds more depth to our Safety position. Alternate is Demps from UTEP if Griffen is gone.

    Round 6
    J Flacco/QB/Delaware - Alternate is R Santos/QB/NH. We start grooming a younger number 2 QB behind Romo and B Johnson.

    Round 7
    J Dingle/DE/WVU - We switch Dingle to a 3-4 OLB.

  2. JerryFan

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    J Leman is a football playing dude. Saying that I don't know if he's a good fit for this D or not. He reminds me a lot of Dat Ngyuen in that his size and speed aren't ideal he just makes plays.
  3. Woods

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    I have him at 6-2, 245 lbs., according to draftinsiders.com. I think that should suffice for ILB. That should be around the size of B James and Adeyole (sp?).
  4. TVMan

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    Wade doesn't judge LBers the same way Parcells does. Size isn't always the deciding factor with Wade. We need to upgrade our speed at this position. We need guys who can run and cover. Can this guy cover a TE?
  5. Woods

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    "He has the speed to make plays at the sidelines and the mobility and agility to drop in pass coverage though he needs further development in that vital area." An snap shot from the draftinsiders profile on him.

    They said a lot more positive things about him, but I only quoted the stuff pertaining to his coverage skills . . . .

    I'd have to get feedback from those who have watched him over the years to give a more accurate picture on his coverage abilities.
  6. Sasquatch

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    Absolutely. We need to shore up this area of our defense.
  7. Bob Sacamano

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    sounds good, but I doubt we take a fullback in the 3rd

    the team is high on both Criket and Hoyte
  8. lkelly

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    I would not be enthused about a fullback on the first day. With Romo this team wants to run 3 WR, 1 TE, and 1 RB. Using a first day pick on a FB that only pulls a better player off the field seems counter productive. I'd much rather see them build depth on the lines or give themselves more options at RB/WR/CB then a guy who may play 20% of the time at most.
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    well the 3rd round now is technically the 2nd day

    only 2 rounds on the 1st day
  10. DawnOfANewD

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    Wouldn't mind something like:

    1a. CB - Terrell Thomas or Mike Jenkins

    1b. RB - Steve Slaton or Ray Rice or
    WR - Malcolm Kelly

    2. if RB chosen with 1b. WR Lavelle Hawkins
    if WR chosen with 1b. RB - Mike Hart
  11. silverbear

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    I'll be beyond pissed if the Boys draft another OT early... we already have OTs out the wazoo, with Adams, Colombo, Free, Marten, McQuistan and even Davis available to play there...

    Unless you believe that most of these guys can't play, there is no need for another OT, unless you think the guy can move inside to guard... I could justify a late round pick on a project OT, but not one of the premium picks...

    I like Schmitt, but the 3rd round is too early... hold of til the 4th round, and you're on to something...

    Demps will be off the board long before this...

    I like Josh Johnson better than either of these QBs... you'd probably have to draft him by the 5th round, though...
  12. Woods

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    I was thinking that we were potentially looking at McQuisten and even Marten playing some Guard as well early this season (maybe TC?). I think Marten played some Guard at BC, too.

    Can easily move Schmitt down to the 4th. We can take an ILB in the 3rd then.

    Whether it's J Johnson at QB, that sounds o.k. I just want to bring in a 3rd QB to groom into the back-up role.

    I guess my reasoning for taking an OT fairly early is that we have some flexibility with both McQuisten and Martin in that they can both play Guard, and that I'm not sure what to think of Free quite yet. If Flo is franchised for 1 year, or is signed for 2 years, it would be nice to get a high quality replacement ready now. Maybe Free is that guy, I just don't know.

    The other option would be to draft an OT who can also play Guard. That way, even if Flo is around and Free is next in line, the draftee could challenge Kosier or replace Colombo in 2009 (and challenge McQuisten/Martin for that spot).

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