Woohooo!!!! Going to the Game!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by HowAboutThemCowboys, Oct 22, 2004.

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    It took awhile, but I finally got some tickets to this Sundays game in GB. Being from GB, I don't get to see the Boys live very often, and getting good tickets in GB is a little tough to begin with.

    Last time I saw Dallas live was in 1989 when I was fortunate enough to run into a rookie by the name of Troy Aikman in the Lambeau Field parking lot after the game. He didnt play in the game because he was hurt, but he autographed a hat, gave me several wrist bands, a pair of Cowboys socks (I know, I know, socks?, but I still have them), and a field pass.

    Now he's back, but he's up in the broadcast booth. Didn't seem like it was that long ago.
  2. mute_city

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    Sweet, guy. Show those cheese-eating surrender monkeys in GB a little Cowboys love.
  3. Eddie

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    That's hot! You're right ... 89 doesn't seem that long ago. Where did all that time go???

    I've yet to go to a Cowboy game. You guys in Dallas don't know how lucky you are. It's a dream of mine ... to sit in Texas Stadium under the open roof. Sounds amazing.

    My best hope is to try to snag Cowboy tickets when they come to play the Jets. Giants tickets are impossible to get.
  4. mute_city

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    This is one thing you've got to do once in your life. My first time was last year at the Philly game and it was probably on par with my wedding. Looking around at all the rooting fans at the stadium with the hole in the dome was fantastic! Can't wait for Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.
  5. SacredStar

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    I've been to sevearal Cowboy games at Texas Stadium. All of them have been against the Packers and all of them were wins.

    I had a chance to go to this game, but the seats were club seats and the guy wanted face value for the tickets. $225.00......no thanks, I'll watch the Cowboys beat the Packers at my house for free.
  6. Aikmaniac

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    No! You must fork out the dough and head to the game. Can't you see that you're good luck? All Packers games...all wins?

    The CZ might have to take up a collection to get you to Lambeau! ;)
  7. HowAboutThemCowboys

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    Clubs seats are a rip-off at Lambeau......the seats are end-zone seats. The premium you pay for Wait Service is'nt worth it.

    I got 40 yard line about half way up. If it weren't for the Cowboys playing here, I don't particulary enjoy watching games from Lambeau. The seats are aluminum benches and they really pack the people in. It's literally hard to move your arms if everyone in your section shows up.
  8. Juke99

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    I've flown down to Texas from NY twice...I'll never forget the first time, walking into that stadium, looking up and being truly blown away...it also helped that the Redskins were the opponent that day...and what a relief, being able to scream my lungs out for the Cowboys.

    I've also done the Giant stadium thing...through ticket brokers but YOWZA, it ain't cheap.
  9. DipChit

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    I grew up 30 miles from Lambeau (but I've been a Cowboys fan since the day I started caring about football) and I remember going to a few games there in the late 70's when my friends parents that had season tickets didnt want to go to a meaningless games in late December when it was like -10 outside.

    I moved away in the early 80's but a trip back to WI, in '90 I believe, coincided with Dallas playing at County Stadium in Milwaukee. I decided I wanted to go to that game so I needed to find tickets. What I did was call classified ad's in the paper. Nobody was selling tickets but there was ad's for tickets wanted. Well I just called those peeps and said.. hey I dont have any tickets for you, but presuming you got some tickets offered to you, do you have the phone number of folks that offered some to you that you didnt happen to buy? Anyhow I got a couple tickets at face value that way.

    Course it was no big coup since both teams still sucked at the time. ;)

    Anyway.. have fun!

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