Wooooohoooooo! I'm going to the game!!

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 31, 2004.

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    I am so jazzed right now. Just got a call from a buddie of mine who has 40 yard line lower level seats at Giants stadium. He and I are going Sunday night. These are choice seats becasue they are for handicapped folks. My friend fell off his roof 2 years ago on Thanksgiving and was paralized from the neck down. He was in a bad way for about a year and now he is driving again.

    Anyway, he needs a wheel chair to get around when he has long distances to walk but he qualifies for this handicapped deal they have. He called the stadium at the beginning of the year and told them he was a life ling Giants fan and wondered about Handicapped seating. They said they have it and they gave him two of these seats free for the whole season.

    Well, anyway, just thought I would share that. Only draw back is I guess I have to watch Vinny. I just hope it doesn't snow. It's about a four and a half hour hike out there. And with that I'll just say>>>>>>>>>> :jints:
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    Hmmm.... free season tickets on the lower level at the 40 yard line if I'm handicapped? I wonder if I can find that wheelchair we used to have to roll my old man in. ;)

    Have fun and let some Giants fans have it how Witten is a better TE than Shockey. :D
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    I've become accustomed to having my spleen where it is. I may not be so brazen. It is New York after all. :D
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    My cousin's a C5 quad, he generally buys seats to 3 - 5 games a year at Tx Stadium. He gets his for the lowest ticket price available, no mater if it's endzone or 50 yardline section.

    He also gets the option to buy as many AB (able-bodied) seats in the row adjacent to his at the same price. Pretty sweet deal.

    Have a good time at the game.

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