World Cup teams and their US sports franchise equivalents

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SaltwaterServr, May 20, 2010.

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    You hate soccer. I hate soccer. The World Cup is coming up. ESPN and the rest of the sports world will shout to us we care.

    Having to endure the World Cup if you're a red blooded meat eating beer drinking American is like a couples wedding shower. The same couples wedding shower that you don't like your wife or GF's friend at all and her future husband is the kind of "guy" who has a little clap thing he does when he gets excited with the presents. He offers a drink, you want a beer, he has Zima. You talk 3-4 defenses and the draft, he talks Grey's Anatomy and electric cars.

    Anyway, don't read the article and be avoid your World Cup exposure. When your wife's friends "husband" asks who you like and you say England, he says why, you can tell him your just ******** tired of hearing about Grey's Anatomy.

    At least when this crap is over, we'll be that much closer to training camp.
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    i've supported germany since 1990 so that comparison was a little eerie.
    ps best tournament on the planet
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    If I want to watch horrible boring crap, played by over paid forigners. I'll watch baseball.
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    There are worse comparisons then Germany, i quite like that one actually

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