World Trade Center Memorial Park

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    Someone was talking about this recently and I noted that I would be visiting it on Jan. 7th. I did and took a few pics and figured I would share them with you guys.

    Anyway, enjoy.

    Two of the towers that are going up at WTC.


    This is "One World Trade Center". It is going to be absolutely gorgeous! (I'm a big skyscraper fan) It will be 105 floors (2.6 million square feet) and cost $3.1 billion to build. The heights are top floor: 1,314 ft, roof: 1,368 ft, Antenna spire: 1,776 ft.


    Not sure which tower this one is.


    The following are in ground fountains. Their foot prints are the original twin tower foot prints.

    This fountain is the "South Tower" foot print.


    Also South Tower fountain.


    Names along the edge of the South Tower fountain.


    I believe this will be a WTC museum that sits beside each of the fountains. It's still under construction.


    Another view of the museum.


    North Tower fountain.


    This is the Millenium Hilton Hotel. (tall skinny black building) I stayed here many many times when I was traveling to NYC on a monthly basis before I ended up moving to NYC. It overlooks the site. I remember looking down from the 32nd floor when I stayed here. The WTC site was just a giant hole in the ground. :(


    Because the pools are in-ground, taking pictures of them from a distance doesn't turn out very well. This is the North Tower pool


    South Tower Pool


    This is a mural outside of the park on a building.


    This is the same mural, but the entire length of it. It looks curved in the picture, but it's not. I used a panoramic picture taking to take a picture of the entire thing. It's actually straight.


    The following is a video I took with my Galaxy Nexus. I'm standing in front of the North Tower pool when I made it.


    ...and finally, I took this imagine of the Empire State Building lit up in blue the night before. It's in blue for the Giant's playoffs. Even so, it looks great in blue, so I took the picture.


    I hope you guys enjoyed this. I definitely did enjoy visiting the site. I highly recommend you visit too if you ever make it to NYC.
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    Thanks for this! My first real look at it.
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    Awesome pics, thanks Sam.
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    Thanks for posting! I hope to visit this summer..
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    I was there on Dec. 31st, and this was my favorite part. They had a guy out in front polishing off the sculpture and telling unique facts about 9/11.

    The Preview Center was cool too. They had a complete timeline up on the east wall and a few TV screens showing video from that day.
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    wow that has come along way since i was there last a few years back.

    i remember that wall sculpture though it was amazing then
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    those pictures are amazing. :D

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    Great. Thanks.

    I personally feel they should have put the towers back. Leave the original footprints as they are with the fountains and find a way to put new towers opposite the fountains.

    Oh well.
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    Impressive. I haven't been back to the city since they finished all that. Planning on it this summer though.

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