Worst game in Cowboy history?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Dec 2, 2004.

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    For me it was the playoff game vs the Lions. I mean we lost to the Lions. ***? 38-6. That was pretty embarrasing.
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    Buddy will utter that in Hell someday... then realize why exactly he is there... bastid...
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    Every loss is a bad game and hurt like the dickings, not as much now as it did some 20 years ago. When I was younger, the Cowboys won so often that losses tore at my sole. I would lay in bed for hours on a Sunday night after a loss dreaming up scenerios that may have prevented the loss.. I would ache for most of the coming week, longing for another game and redemption... fortunately for me, I have gotten over most of those heart aches. Today I appreciate winning a lot more. I treasure the wins as if they are the last and scuff at the losses knowing that next week is another game.

    For the Worst game in Cowboys history, I think you have to go to the biggest game in which the Cowboys played the worst.. Super Bowl V. Hands down. With fewer errors, the Cowboys could have won this Super Bowl easily.. They could have 6 Lombardi's instead of just 5... woulda, coulda, shoulda.. I still hate to think about how much better the Cowboys were than the Colts and yet how horrible they played.. has to be the worst game in Cowboys history, has to be!

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