Worst Super Bowl teams

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by john4psu, May 27, 2008.

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    Who do you think was the worst winning SB team? The worst losing SB team? And who do you think was the best losing SB team?

    Worst winning SB team - Redskins team over Buffalo; this year's Giants team?

    Worst losing SB team - Patriots that lost to Bears, '94 Chargers, some of the Broncos teams that lost?

    Best losing SB team - Cowboys SB XIII?

    Your thoughts?
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    I think one of the worst winners has to be that first Patriots Super Bowl team.

    Worst losing SB team? I'd probably say that '85 Patriots team. They didn't belong in the same stadium with that Bears team.

    Best losing SB team? Of the games that I saw, I'd say Bills team that lost to the Redskins or the Giants.
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    First :welcome:


    Worst winning Super Bowl team: After spygate I would have to say the Patriots Dynasty.

    Worst losing Super Bowl team: Redskins of Super Bowl VII [Although this game was close (14-7) the Redskins only touchdown came with 2:07 left in the game, because of a bad field-goal attempt and fumble recovery that was ran 49 yards for the touchdown], Vikings of Super Bowl IX, Giants of Super Bowl XXXV.

    Best losing Supber Bowl team: Bills of Super Bowl XXV
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    That '72 Redskins team did have its limitations, esp. on offense. Good thought.

    You don't think the Cowboys in SB 13, defending champs, was the best losing SB team? That team was very good. Not that Bills weren't esp. the team that lost to the Giants.
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    Instead of saying Dallas again, I decided to just pick another team I thought was just as deserving to win but didn't.
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    :welcome: to the board

    Worst winning SB team - Super Bowl III - New York Jets - Baltimore Colts forgot to show up.

    Worst losing SB team - '85 Patriots & the Minnesota teams

    Best losing Super Bowl team - Super Bowl III - Baltimore Colts
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    worst winning
    80 Raiders
    05 Steelers
    07 Giants
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    IMO, the first 49ers SB team, although they beat the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game, weren't all that good. They became great later, but weren't when they won their first championship.

    The Steelers team that beat the Seahawks wasn't a particularly good team, IMO, although they must have beat some decent teams in the playoffs.

    The San Diego Chargers team that lost to Steve Young's 49ers struck me as inferior.

    The Miami Dolphins team quarterbacked by the late David Woodley lost to the Redskins in the Super Bowl. They weren't particularly good.

    Best losing team? ... yeah, I'd go with the XIII Cowboys. I gotta admit, though, that an excellent case could be made for the up-to-then undefeated Patriots.

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    Worst Winners - Giants, Steelers, Ravens.

    Worst Losers - 95 Chargers

    Best Losing SB Team that I saw - Rams should have repeated against Cheatriots. Titans are a close 2nd from year before.
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    I think the worst Super Bowl team to ever make it was the Chargers in '94- who practically made it by default to the Super Bowl, and then laid down for the Niners in what should have been the Cowboys third straight Super Bowl title.

    The worst winning team of any Super Bowl has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers of two years ago- who really didn't play well, and the entire game could have been called the "Mediocre Bowl".

    Just my two cents.

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