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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cbz40, Dec 18, 2005.

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    I would be shocked if he fired BP, then again, I would have bet the ranch that Coach Landry would have NEVER been fired!
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    I think the thought has crossed both Jerry's and Bill's mind.......lets wait and see, the offseason could be interesting. Bill has a history of leaving in tought times...and Jerry has fired some Big names.....
  3. Hoov

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    Parcells decision to scrap the system that was in place and install his is likely the main reason things are not truning around quickly. There is not a single LB starting who was a starter on this team last year and the DLine looks completely different. To make the changes he wanted to make on defense compromised upgrading the offense AND the defense is going to take some time to develop.

    I really like barber. Witten is a great pass catching TE, but our OLine is and has been an issue since parcells arrived, the last few years draft picks have not panned out as expected, Rivera signing did not give the result expected.

    I think Parcells should finish his contract, he started this experiment at 3-4 defense and he has brought in his players and totally rearranged the player roster, if he leaves now that would be like leaving a team in turmoil and confusion, he has to finish the project next year and give the young players a 2nd year to start to develop. Not saying this cause im a parcells fan, just think we have no choice but to push forward. If parcells goes that would be like stopping and changing direction in mid stream, at least finish what was started.
  4. BrAinPaiNt

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    If Jerry Jones fired Bill Parcells it would be one of the most idiotic things he could ever do.

    I don't care if people on here think Bill is the anti-christ and would soil their undies in glee if he was gone.

    The simple fact that if Jerry Jones did that he would never get another legit coach in here to coach the cowboys.

    He would have to stumble (and yes I say stumble) on to some unknown talent that would somehow pull a mircale and be able to coach a team that was driven by Jerry Jones in control again of all personell decisions.

    Ladies and Gentlemen...whether you hate bill and want him gone...if Jerry would fire him it would be the worst mistake he could ever do IMO.
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    We still have a chance to finish 10-6. If that happens, of all 32 teams in the NFL, only the Giants and Seahawks will likely have improved their record more than us. You don't usually go from the outhouse to the penthouse in one year. Even at 9-7 we can point to a lot of positives from this season and it's a fact we should be 1 or 2 games better record wise.

    Bill Parcells should be fired? Stupid. If we make the playoffs with our OT situation he should be coach of the year. I was reading this kind of silly stuff last year on a visit to the Seahawks board about Holmgren by a similar group of well informed fans. I suspect they are now reconsidering.
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    and a good morning to you Mr BrainPaint.

    I happen to agree with you.......Jerry needs to let BP finish out his contract and give him everything he needs to right the ship or as some may say "provide him w/enough rope " to finish himself.

    Jerry Jones will not fire Bill Parcells......book it
  7. Hoov

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    Im coming at it from a whats best for the team, for the players point of view. Just dont think it would be good for these young guys to go through a coaching change right now. And what would happen with the defense which is still a work in progress and transition.
  8. TruBlueCowboy

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    I would tear some hair out if I hear we're going back to the 4-3.
  9. alancdc

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    I think that what Bill has done has been pretty remarkable. Do you remember the disaster that he inherited player wise. We were horrible. Now, I get as frustrated as anyone in his conservative nature, but are we not in a better position than 3 years ago? When was the last meaningful game we played in December before he arrived? I do wish some of his O-line picks would have panned out better, but I am not ready to give up on Ware, or Spears etc just yet. When he got here we were coming off 3 straight 5-11 seasons. Good heavens don't we remember those days? At least we are in the conversation now, and with a made 33 yard FG against Denver we would probably not be having this conversation.

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